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5 Facts About Fiesta Black


This Saturday all Roads lead to HartsField Tshisa Nyama for the Summer Fiesta featuring Dj Liz  Dj LadyCream and Fiesta Black who collaborated with Zim’s finest Dj Stavo in the track Teka Famba both from South Africa and Crazy Black (the Gentleman).

Fiesta Black Invades Bulawayo
Fiesta Black Invades Bulawayo

Here are some quick facts about Fiesta Black.

Summer Fiesta @Hartsfield Tsisa Nyama
Summer Fiesta @Hartsfield Tsisa Nyama

1. FB was a tomboy and did everything the boys did including rapping.The only girly activity FB participated in was ballet which explains her acrobatic moves on stage.

Summer Fiesta @ HartsField Tshisa Nyama http://urbanculxure.com/2016/03/summer-fiesta-hartsfield-tsisa-nyama

As a tomboy FB did everything boyish including skateboarding, roller skating, car racing and beat boxing in hip hop cyphers. A troublesome teen, FB was outgoing, and winded up in trouble because she staying out  late, chilling in the corner with the boys. It is these chill sessions that would later bring out the performer in her.

Fiesta Black Invades Bulawayo http://urbanculxure.com/2016/03/fiesta-black-invades-bulawayo

2.Fiesta Black has been in and out of studios for the past 10 years. In her earlier years she recorded rap and developed into a fully-fledged vocalist that can sing, chant and rap.

Popular Fiesta Black song

Growing up she was part of a crew and used to get together with her friends to records tons and tons of songs. Hitting the studio was their favorite pastime.

Revolution ft FB Ngoma Ya Mina

3.FB tried out every major audition there is in South Africa, from Popstars, Idols to SA got talent and I want to sing Gospel.

Fiesta Black – Fihla

Though she never made it far on any of the competitions, she always knew I was going to be a star. She started organizing events in clubs and performing professionally, switching genres from Hip-Hop to Dance.

Fiesta Black – Hayi Basile (HD) #MyHandsAreClean

4.It wasn’t long before her performances started attracting the right industry connections. It wasn’t long before she started working with industry giants like DJ Mbuso, Jerah, Iggy Smalls, Chris J and even international names such as Byron Kino.

Summer Fiesta @Hartsfield Tsisa Nyama
Summer Fiesta @Hartsfield Tsisa Nyama

Through guitar extrodinare Jerah, FB met producer and music maestro Tibi (of Blackjack’s Cina fame) and recorded her first dance demo.

The demo was heard by DJ Ganyani who immediately wanted to collaborate on a song. The end result was the house banger Xigubu which has now been nominated for best hit single and best collaboration on the 13th Metro FM Music Awards.


5.With over a decade years in the music business FB has written and recorded songs with the following producers and artists:


TibiProduced for Mlu, Kabelo, Demin, Thembi Seete, Black Jack, Ganyani

Chris J – Produced for Donald

Revolution  – Produced for Mafikizolo, Dr Malinga, Oskido

DJ Mbuso – Founder Phezulu Records


JerahSong: Bye-Bye

DJ QNessSong: Untitled

Denim  – Song: Holiday

Byron KenoSong: Night is still young

Revolution  – Song: Ngoma yamina 

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