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Dr Tawanda Set to release new album

Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!
Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!

When 2016 came our way we had so much expectation and in the music industry we really looked forward to some great projects to come from established artists and also upcoming ones. With no doubt the industry has done considerably well and we have had a number of singles being released and a few albums being Launched.One Album to note was by Khuliyo which was launched at the end of last month that was amazing.

Khuliyo Live Picture by Mgcini Nyoni

Alick Macheso will on Thursday Premier his latest offering which looks to be a hit after his successful live album launch at Star Fm yesterday. We are also anticiapating for killer tunes on Sartuday as veteran music sensation Jeys Marabini launches his new album Thula Sana.

Thula sana By Jeys Marabini
Thula sana By Jeys Marabini

We have also seen Artiste release new singles I must say I’ve enjoyed a number of them I have 3 tracks that have been outstanding as for me. Real Talk by JR. BROWN was a great offering from the young man , NEHANA by ALEXIO KAWARA is one track that can’t go unnoticed, also not forgetting a track by a Botswana artist KAYCEE titled AZICHE which has turned into a serious hit.

HIT or FLOP :Jnr Brown Tongogara http://urbanculxure.com/2016/02/hit-or-flop-jnr-brown-tongogara

From all these tracks and more you can tell that producers and artists are working hard and round the clock to dish some of the best tracks in the year 2016. This really gives me more anxiety really when it comes to what more will be brought out for this year. Ok this one really excites me, and I think it’s one of the most interesting news for me for the first quarter of 2016.

Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!
Dr Tawanda a performer par excellence!

DR. TAWANDA the Uncoquarable hit maker a track that went viral last year, and even caught the attention of the Fist Family. A track that saw Dr.Grace Mugabe take to the dance floor. Dr. Tawanda was also seen doing his exhilarating dance moves whenever Dr.Grace had functions incluiding her Birthday.

Dr.Tawanda will be releasing a brand new album titled MUSHONGA WE NYAYA!Which am sure will match his 2015 production.

I’m always excited to know that there is something this guy has to offer because of the talent he has. I’ve listened to some of the tracks and I can tell this one will be the best of DR. TAWANDA to date! The album will be launched soon and watch this space for details!

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