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Meet World Class FilmMaker Tatenda Mbudzi


Hailing from Zimbabwe, Tatenda Mbudzi fell in love with film & television as a result of his grandmother’s traditional folktales – NGANO.


He followed those story threads all the way to Hollywood, where he worked directly for the Chairman of UNIVERSAL PICTURES, and worked on franchises such as FAST & FURIOUS; and with companies like Sony Pictures, Anonymous Content and Focus Features. He has worked at 20th CENTURY FOX, in publicity, and in 2014 worked in series development at Microsoft.

ZIM HIGH Official Trailer (2016) – The First African Teen Movie Ever

He has produced multiple short films, and two feature length films for James Franco, and Franco’s company Rabbit Bandini Pictures. He is a graduate of the esteemed UCLA Graduate Producers Program, an HBO Digital Fellow, and the recipient of a Fred Rogers, Emmy Foundation Grant.

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Tatenda is a world-class filmmaker: an amalgam of writer, actor, director and producer who is committed to telling stories from unseen points of view. This commitment earned him the honour of presenting Oscar statuettes at the 86th Academy Awards™ where he was showcased as The Future of Film in front of a global audience upwards of 4 billion people.Tatenda is currently making the first ever Zimbabwean teen movie titled “Zim High” which is set to released sometime this year.

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ZIM HIGH is Zim’s prestigious and violent fictional high school. An institution espousing British Post-Colonial excellence. Beneath its proper covering however is a violent Darwinian playpen of pure juvenile cruelty.
This is a truly Dark teen comedy. Not just because of the complexion of the characters. No.

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This is the First African Teen &Young Adult film of all time. There is no magical device, and no moral compass to protect our  “hero” from the harsh reality of going to high school in Africa, where racial tension and economic instability reign supreme.

How does one escape such an environment unscathed?…

TATENDA:  the main character a scrawny 17-year-old anime loving bowl of intelligent fear, who desperately and blindly wants to become – a PREFECT (an all-powerful student leader) to win scholarships to study anime in Japan; but his chances are dashed when he is framed in an ancient ZIM HIGH bullying tradition – THE GAUNTLET  – in which a student almost dies – out of options he is forced to turn to a rebellious Aboriginal Australian new kid for help with his PREFECT campaign.

This film is about holding onto your dreams, and standing up for yourself before it’s too late.

Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zim-high-the-first-african-teen-movie-ever#/ for more details.

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