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Sexfied what? Ok, there really has been a lot of talk concerning Harare West legislator Jessie Majome’s views about Jah Prayzah video Eriza. Well it is normal that such criticism comes by.

The Jah Prayzah Video

I was waiting eagerly for such criticism and bang here it is! “Mr. Speaker Sir, while that is entertainment, but unfortunately, those things send messages that say it is alright for girls to wear little dresses and to dance in a sex manner and titillate men. It also sends signals into some perverted men to actually start drooling over school girls.”


Well it’s a noble concern that was brought up by the legislator, but well I beg to differ. With all due respect Mam perverted men have always been there and what you are talking about really is unfounded.

erizaMany school girls have been impregnated before and you can’t say this video has any harm or is sending a wrong message to school girls to wear little dresses.

Jah Prayzah Blasted for Sexfied Eriza Video http://urbanculxure.com/2016/03/jah-prayzah-blasted-for-sexfied-eriza-video

I want to pose a question to you Mam, was it your first time to see a “little dress” on a Music video? Let’s be real!

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