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5 Reasons Why Skyz Metro FM Won`t Make It In The Big Radio League


In March 2015 Bulawayo residents wake up to some good news. We had a new baby, some ululated while some whistled as a jovial mood engulfed the city.

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) had given Bulawayo its first ever Commercial Radio station, indeed this was something to celebrate about. We had always felt unwanted or sidelined in terms of broadcasting as no station had 24 hour broadcasting for Bulawayo Residents.

coming soon :But how soon?
coming soon :But how soon? its a year now…

This was a change we all believed in. Fast forward to April 2016 here we are still logged on to those other stations broadcasting from the Capital without anything that may entice a resident in Bulawayo.

The content in most of the Stations is Harare centered not talking about the Music which never has a Bulawayo taste. We thought Skyz Metro FM was the ultimate broadcasting deal we needed but alas I guess we were all dreaming.

When will the station go Live many wonder. Will the station survive the stiff competition well we compliled something for you…



1.Skyz lied to the people. We were told the station was going live in September 2015.Nothing still…Our loyalty already lies in some established radio stations

2.Social media relevance/little to no advertising at all, no billboards have been seen in the city .NO hype is being created for the personalities of the station. Moreover, Skyz Metro is not capitalizing on the so called hired talented personalities it has.

Babongile Sikhonjwa
Babongile Sikhonjwa

3.The location is primitive. Skyz metro was supposed to be in the CBD for various reasons. Think about it. A central location was ideal.

4.Industry is closed in Bulawayo. Big companies are already advertising on major commercial radio stations in Harare. Unless and until Skyz metro innovative ways to entice the corporate world and the people of Bulawayo.

5.Other radio stations like Star FM are kicking Ass. Skyz metro will need a massive advertising campaign to stay in the game

Bonus “People do not know about SKYZ metro fm.”

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