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Comedian Comes Out of The Closet…

Comedy Show tonight
Comedy Show tonight

Many have wondered if Bulawayo comedians have girlfriends or could one day marry, unlike their Harare counterparts who have in the past flaunted their girlfriends on social media.

Bulawayo comics have rather kept a low profile about their relationships. In a turn of events one of the celebrated comics dropped a bombshell on Wednesday Afternoon as he told us about his love life and how they have been involved.

Although the President of Zimbabwe has strongly castigated Gays and Lesbians and describing those involved as worse than dogs it hasn’t stopped the relationship to blossom. The Bulawayo based star believes with time people will accept them.Its not by choice but God created us that way He says

He has become brave enough to talk about his love life and how he became involved. He tells me how he met the man in his life a fellow comedian whom he says he will introduce in style tonight on stage.

For some time now we have been in Love  its high time we made things official am tired of hiding the truth i love him he is the love of my life. Says the comedian who met his other half through another gay celebrity socialite from Sizinda Bulawayo. The other socialite who made it official a while ago has been encouraging him to do like him.

Comedy Show tonight
Comedy Show tonight

I will introduce my hubby tonight on stage i want to make a statement that we can live happy while in a same sex relationship. They is nothing wrong about it as long as you are both in Love.

The soft spoken and talented rib cacker said. In a no barred conversation held at the Rainbow hotel were the comedy show will take place later today he was on cloud nine and looked excited about this.He was making final preparations as he will introduce his partner in style.

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