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Why Do Artiste Blame The Media For Their Failure?

Nomuzi Mabena
Nomuzi Mabena

It’s so interesting that in almost every interview you come across featuring an artist one of their top challenges will be that they don’t get enough coverage by the media. I must say that it’s so disappointing that the artists still do not know who really is responsible for their success in the music industry, and for the record the media not responsible for that.



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The first important thing to take note of is the success of the artist is heavily dependent on the record label they are working under. The label has to come up with strong marketing ideas to push your music.

For instance at some point in Zimbabwe there was a policy implemented by the then Minister of Information and Publicity Prof. Jonathan Moyo, by then we still had musicians complaining about coverage, you judge for yourself!

Being successful in the music industry is more than just getting to the studio and producing a song. Even before you get into the studio you have to have a solid plan. Have you ever sat done with your promoter to come up with marketing strategies?

For a number of artists the honest answer would be NO! Come to think of it a huge brand like Coca Cola still run advertisements all over the world costing them millions of dollars annually, here we talking about a brand that even without marketing a 2year old baby already knows about Coca Cola, but they still invest in marketing.

Can you see that? I challenge the artists this day that have a plan before you venture into this competitive industry and stop throwing the blame to the wrong people, take responsibility of your own failures and build from them.

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