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5 Things To Tell Your Mum On Mother’s Day


Your mom does not want flowers, or a candle, for Mother’s Day. I’m sure she would enjoy them as gifts, but more than any tangible item you could give her, you should really tell your mom what she deserves to hear on Mother’s Day. And because expressing your feelings can be difficult, here are 5 things to say to your mom on Mother’s Day in case you need any inspiration.


“I’m proud of you.”

This is not a statement that should only go from parents to kids. It should go both ways! We never stop evolving as humans, so your mom would love to hear that you’ve noticed the hard work she’s put in on a project, and that you think she did a kick-ass job.

“You deserve the best.”

Say this right before you treat her to a spa day or any kind of mother-daughter bonding activity. Because she does deserve the best. And bonding time with you is as good as it gets.

“You are beautiful.”

Celebrate your mom’s beauty by giving her specific compliments. We live in a society that only appreciates beauty of a certain age, which is bonkers because every woman alive — and that includes your mom — is beautiful in their own way, and should be reminded of that on the reg.

“I love you.”

It doesn’t matter if you say it every day, or even if you just said it two seconds ago. Say it again. Because she will never get sick of hearing it.

“Thank you.”

No matter how often you’re saying this, she could probably stand to hear a few more. She carried you, and grew you in her belly for nine months — all while resisting alcohol and caffeine. That’s a sacrifice that warrants endless thank-yous, friends.

Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers Out There!!!

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