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Bambelela Arts Ensemble Renkindles Theatre Thriller


The Wish List, A Bambelela Arts Ensemble 2002 production penned by one of Zimbabwe’s finest writers to ever emerge Raisedon Baya. The Wish List is a story about one woman named Ntombi she has so many desires about her relationship.

Precious Makhulumo and Nomvuyiso Mabi On The Wish List Picture by Mgcini Nyoni
Precious Makhulumo and Nomvuyiso Mabi On The Wish List : Picture by Mgcini Nyoni

Desires that her husband can’t do this are not monetary desires or bread and butter issues.But Sexual adventure. The Play takes us on so much drama as Ntombi seeks adventure.Fights,Cheating,Scandals and lies are three things that make The Wish List A Must Watch…

As the play returned to the theatre on Friday night Veteran Actress Precious Makhulumo famous for her role as Ntokozo in Amakorokoza a popular Soap from Bulawayo, talented Nomvuyiso Mabi,Nama Nominee Leonard Phiri and young and energetic actor Bongelani Ncube gave a comically top drawer performance that left theatre lovers hungry for more.

As I sat at the Theatre on Friday Bambelela bought into life one of their  best yester-year productions so many things raced in my mind. It was a real issue being tackled a tale about real events that some have faced in life. It was my first experience with The Wish List I was young when Bambelela  first did the play.

Nomalanga Sibanda, Naison Dube, Josphats Ndlovu and Khumbulani Mathe are some of the talented Actors that have played a role in the yesteryear play The Wish List.On Friday the only notable Actor who had made a significant brush with the production was talented Leonard Phiri who is One of Zimbabwe’s finest Actors.

Bambelela has in the past done top drawer productions, like The Naked Truth a NAMA Award Winning play emotionally super charged Crying Games a play that tempered with emotions and generated debates. Just Because, By The Road Side, Phoyindaba Kabani are some of Bambelela’s notable productions that have made history.

As the crowd gave Bambelela an ovation On Friday the only thing i wanted to see was them become more active again and giving us more. The Ensemble is actually among the pioneers of theatre in our country and is among the few that still around now. The Ensemble is back at the Theatre Next Month to give another hard hitting production written by T.H Moyo The Civil Servant.A Play that portrays Zimbabwe’s stinging reality in a subtle way