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Basic Wardrobe Staples For Every Woman

The Blazer
The Blazer

I hope this article is going to be used as a guide to those of you who need help on how to wilt down your wardrobe to the basics or if you want to start from scratch and you don’t know what actually to buy. Hopefully there are some pieces you see in this article that you can actually invest in.

My Good Fashion Style



Over the years my style has evolved I first discovered what it means to have a personal style around the age of 20 I kind of had an idea but I really didn’t know much about having style, it was only around that time I thought I should really start experimenting with my style and see what really works for me.I did a lot of experimenting but now I have reached that point where am really confident with my personal style I love my style and I know I can express myself through my style.


1.The basic white tee

This can actually be dressed down or up I love this because it`s one of those pieces I always have since I was a young girl and its one of those that I always repurchase. I love that you can throw this with a pair of jeans casual look with some canvas, some sandals and if want to up a bit you can throw on a blazer, you can also wear it with a skirt as well.

The basic white tee
The basic white tee

It`s one of those things that you can style in a number of different ways. And it`s such a cool piece to have in the wardrobe. I think every person out of everything am going to mention today I think this one of the things that everybody got to have in their wardrobe.


  1. The blazer

The tailored black blazer you need this in your wardrobe. Because this can be taken from cooperate attire to a night out to even dress down and this looks good on everyone because its black.

The Blazer
The Blazer

You can pair it with boyfriend jeans and t-shirt or just anything. If you are like me you might want to get the White blazer also just because you can wear this with a few more bright outfits or if you like the all white like I do, then the white blazer is also a must


  1. The Leather Jacket

This a perfect piece to add edge to any outfit day or night throughout the year.

Throw it over a dress jean n tee pencil skirt literally the best in my wardrobe and i think everybody can do with a leather jacket


  1. The crisp white shirt

This one of those must have pieces for everybody. I love the fact that you can actually be very adventurous with this.


So you can go over to the dark side if you like the whole tailoring of men’s wear you can actually wear this with a suit throw over a pair of jeans and something I have been loving to do lately is throw it on with pair of white jeans and tie it around the waist and button just two buttons and it gives it this kind of laid back crispy look that I love… Try it


  1. The little black dress


It`s something everyone needs, it`s a timeless, classic and it never ever gets out of style and a little white dress as well .


  1. The loose grey tee

A sleeveless one, I absolutely love to wear this with everything from leggings to leather trousers to jeans white black blue under my white blazer and black blazer


  1. The chambray and plaid shirts


The chambray is a very minimal simple laid black shirt and the plaid shirt is more funny version of the chambray you can tie it around your waist for a different look


8.The Black Pencil Skirt

It screams feminity, it hugs you in all the right places and really your figure extenuates.


You can wear it in cooperate setting, clubbing or out or you can even dress it down with a tee, you can pretty do too much with this.


  1. The white blue black jeans


10.Crop Tops



so that’s it for today I really do hope you find this helpful and hope you can take some tips

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