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Bring Back Snura Chura Dance


So the Government of Tanzania decided to ban the SNURA-CHURA Dance that is in Snura Muchi’s latest video Chura citing breaches of moral fabric of the public.

Hahaha, very interesting thoughts from the authorities. I must say also that that was some serious tweaking from the ladies though I kind of fell in love with the video. This also reminds me of the instance when a video by Jah Prayza was debated in Parliament, I still feel some of these authorities just act from a point of misunderstanding.

Let me point out that I’m a strong supporter of moral preservation and that our personalities should be built around a strong and positive moral background but at some point we tend to go above board. I must say I’ve watched more explicit musical videos before being aired on national tv in many countries then I ask myself what criteria to they use to ascertain that a video is not safe for public viewing?


I think that they are failing to understand the fact that people’s moral fabric is preserved by them because in actual fact our morals have been tampered with one way or the other and now trying to pin it down to an artist who is exercising their talent doesn’t sounds very fair. Tanzania should give this another though!


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