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How To Find Your Fashion style


What do you think about when you hear someone use the word “style”?

My Good Fashion Style



Style advancement extends equally with personal development. Personal development is all about yourself while style development is what will help you become more effectual in your dealings with people.

Thus who you really are is close to the way the world will see you. Acquiring more knowledge on developing your capabilities on fashion, attractive body language and social skills, the outcome will be more fulfilling interrelationships with friends, coworkers etc.

This article is all about how to find your personal style how to figure out what your personal style is. If you someone who loves fashion or has no idea or clue what they are doing I hope this article will be more helpful and identify your style.

  1. know that style is personal

Style is an expression of who you are and your interests and what you like and usually when you develop your style it tends to be your way of speaking to the rest of the people. People can form judgments, ideas opinions about you based on how you are dressed


  1. Fashion is what you buy style is how you wear it

Let`s say the denim shirt is trending and lots of designers have gone crazy creative that`s fashion but with style is the way you decide to wear that denim shirt, someone might decide am just going to wear one button up or put the collar up or roll my sleeves or tie it so basically it`s just how you choose to wear it.


  1. Experiment and document your style


If you are in a position you don’t quite know your style or you are trying to develop it start of buy trying different things and documenting it either by pictures of yourself, storing it into your photo album computer, phone or go as far creating a social media website Instagram, twitter or even a blog that`s how I kind of did with my style.

I have been experimenting with different colors and experimenting with different styles and making use of DIYs and have been documenting these things sharing it and I came to realize the kind of things I like to wear and what I feel good in. So basically that`s a good way of developing your style experimenting and documenting.


  1. Have confidence in your style

Sometimes I get questions like ‘I want to look more feminine, which clothes can I go and buy?’

 my response is usually the same all the time, it’s not the garment it`s the way you wear it you can look womanly in anything you pull off. So it`s all about the attitude and confidence in wearing the garments.

If you want to look sexy in your garments practice poses in the mirror, practice the way you look in the mirror, the way you walk and talk. These are all part of the garment it helps you to be more comfy and have confidence with your outfit.


  1. Create style mood boards

This serves as inspiration just for you to experiment with different ways because there’s nothing more like taking inspiration and turning it around into your own.

I have a pinrest account, one of the things I do, I follow lots of fashion bloggers, I have my own fashion icon. I love to read blogs. There are women that I look up to check their outfits, love the way they dress and the way they carry themselves, I look at that for inspiration and sometimes I just take it and turn it around and make it my own thing.


  1. Organize your wardrobe regularly

This gives u an idea of what you have and don`t have in your wardrobe try and organize it in categories trousers in one side tops etc, you will get to know what you need what`s lacking 


  1. Make detailed shopping lists

when you going shopping make a list of what you need. Sometimes I don’t make lists but my shopping is usually effective when I do make a list because I end up buying things I need rather than things I want.

Sometimes you get so overwhelmed with shopping, you can get into a store and there’s so much stuff but if u have a list you will be forced to go buy what you need.


  1. Shop for vintage pieces

If you want to develop your personal style, vintage shopping is the best way to go get unique stuff that way you can individualize your style.


  1. Have fun with your style


Don`t take it too seriously it`s an expression of yourself have fun with it. If people compliment say thank you and if they nasty things to you concerning your style still say thank you and keep it moving enjoy yourself.




Pay attention when you dress in the morning what pieces are making you feel like you are the best version of yourself that’s a great way of starting the search of your personal style. Pick pieces that make you feel more confident before you know it you will start to fill your wardrobe with more similar items. I love all neutrals I love black grey white I just realized every single day I wanted to feel the best version of myself and I feel it when am in any neutral color.



The right outfit can make you feel like you are ready to take on the world. So if u feel confident in your own outfit that` when you are unstoppable. No matter who you are currently or no matter your job you can also choose to dress for the person you want to be, dress like the powerful woman you are wear the outfit that will make you feel who you want to be.


Stay away from things that you know you won’t feel comfortable in and you don’t like the way it looks on your body



Have couple of outfits in your closet that you know you love, for me their mini-skirts, small black dresses. Their days you don’t want to stress about what to wear and you already have something that is a fail-safe and it looks good on you so u don’t have to put a lot of thought into your style you just know u a have staple style pieces that you know you feel right in.


Stop worrying about other opinions

Stop listening to those voices in your head telling you that other people are judging you from what you are wearing or don’t like what you are wearing, you know why? because you are the one who is wearing it so if you feel the most comfortable in prints wear them proudly because that`s what you like and that`s what makes you feel the most confident.

You will start developing your own personal style if you start listening to your sense of style and not apologizing for it.





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