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Meet Botswana’s Game Changers Makau


The Botswana Music Industry has experienced a significant growth over the years and its so amazing how much talent is yet to be utilized in this beautiful nation. I had the privilege to have an exclusive interview with one of Botswana’s HOTTEST PROPERTY, a group that has managed to fuse Music ,Drama and Comedy in their craft.

A group that came and stole the show in 2010, and I’m talking about none other than the group MAKAU. Let’s waste no time, come with me…

5STAR: In brief who is MAKAU?


MAKAU: MAKAU is a group of 3 young Botswana citizens ( Leo Malomo, Tiro Thebe & Bakang Mphele) who joined the music industry and became famous in 2010.

5STAR: How did the group MAKAU come about? What inspired the project?

MAKAU: We as the members met at High School, we became friends because of the love of music. We worked individually before and we ended up planning to form a group and we wanted to come up with something totally different from what is there.

So we thought if we combine music, comedy and drama it will make us unique and it will be easy for us to penetrate the market and stand out there.


5STAR: Wow, that brings me to the question what defines MAKAU? What distinguishes you from all the other groups?

MAKAU: First of all MAKAU means GENTLEMAN, so we dress like gentlemen (suits) that is the first thing that distinguishes us from other groups, secondly we create our own dance moves from scratch. Most of the dance moves we dance on stage are invented by us.

5STAR: I’ve had the privilege to see and share the stage with you guys, I must say you rock. Which song got you the break into this competitive industry?


MAKAU: A song called SEBINTJOLO. It talked about a boy in a certain village who is giving his father a hard time because of his unpleasant behaviour. It took the country by storm, it topped radio charts and it was the talk of the country for a while.

5STAR: That’s awesome, How has the people of Botswana embraced MAKAU throughout the years you have been around?

MAKAU: Batswana love MAKAU so much, we are an inspiration to many Batswana from you to old. We would love to extend our greatest appreciation to everyone for believing in us and giving us this extraordinary support throughout the years, may it continue to be like so forever. Thank you!

5STAR: What challenges have you faced in the industry and how did you manage get over those hurdles?


MAKAU: There are a lot of challenges we face as musicians, some of them are financial problems, sabotage and favouritism but we as MAKAU believe in God so we never back down because we know one day everything that we deserve will come back to us.

But business wise we make sure we do our best in everything we are involved in and one other thing that affected us back then was we were young and we didn’t know how to use money, we never invested and it is a lesson learnt, we now have financial advisors.

5STAR: Very profound point you brought up about financial management. How as MAKAU do you manage promoters who seek to exploit your talent and many other artists out there?

MAKAU: First thing we never do anything without signing a contract and we try to be as professional as possible because business will never grow without professionalism.

5STAR: Looking at the music industry in Botswana, is there any significant growth to date?

MAKAU: I don’t want to lie there is a lot of growth in terms of artists improving but the support from the government is a bit low.

5STAR: Very true, given the opportunity to implement policies, what measures would you put in place to protect artists?

MAKAU: We would enforce the copyright violation law.

5STAR: Any latest offering MAKAU has for its legion of fans out there?

MAKAU: we released a song called Mr. DJ and it is now a big song in Botswana and we hope this time it will reach the international market such as Zimbabwe because we really want to showcase our talent in Zimbabwe and we are 100% sure that Zimbabweans will love our craft.

5STAR: You will surely have our 100% support! Any big names you have shared stage with throughout your remarkable career?

MAKAU: Our first performance we shared the stage with the Sungura Maestro Alick Macheso, we have also shared stage with Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, Nicholas Zacharia, General Ozi and many others.

5STAR: Those are very big names in the industry. During your spare time what do you guys enjoy doing?

MAKAU: We are very playful and we are blessed some of the things we play with give us more ideas on how we can make our craft more interesting. We go to church sometimes or just chill with people.

5STAR: what are your words of encouragement to artists who are still trying to find their way into the mainstream of the industry?

MAKAU: Focus, hard work, humbleness and taking your craft seriously will take you somewhere. Also giving out your best in everything you do.

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