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Project X Movement Set To Change Matshobana Township

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Globally, roughly 13 million hectares of forest fall to the blade or fire each year. Such deforestation has long been driven by farmers eking out a slash and burn living. In Urban communities deforestation has been done by residents who usually cut down the trees to use as fire wood, with the often electricity loadshedding .

This has left most townships with no trees along streets.A Matshobana Led youth group have thought otherwise. Project X Movement a Community initiative that is aimed at using avaliable resources to enhance Community Development.

Project X Movement at Work on Africa Day
Project X Movement at Work on Africa Day

The Movement which was started in 2014 mainly focused on patchingroads with potholes and clearing blocked bridge tunnels.Has now taken a new project of planting trees in the community.


For the movement’s initiatives to succeed what matters most is not the number of people in the project but the true sense of Voluntarism, collective effort, commitment and quality work done towards changing our Community face for the better for us all. Said Witness Tavariswa who is a member for Project X. Which has adopted over 20 trees in the township and managed to plant over 50 trees at different places in the community.

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Project X Movement has also  planted trees at Matshobana Football Pitch.The Pitch which of late has been left with no shade as trees were all chopped down by irresponsible residents. The initiative will certainly change how the community stadium looks in a few years, with Project X go green drive.

Tumelo Kanyenda A member of the Project X Movement
Tumelo Kanyenda A member of the Project X Movement

Inspired to change the face of Matshobana Community the young people in this project are eager to see a real change in the township and are calling residents to stop uprooting trees.

With the help of BCC parks department and Mr.Brian Choruwa a man who believes in going green and recycling.The young people believe that the drive will pay off in a few years time.

Brian who runs a small tree Nursing and Seedling project in Matshobana believes that having a green environment is amazing and eye catching.

Nursing and Seedling project
Nursing and Seedling project

Project X Movement is a group which comprises of Witness Tavarwisa who is the director of Bambelela Arts Ensemble but finds time away from his busy schedule to nature trees, Philani Nyoni,Tumelo Kanyenda,Admire Magagula and Tinashe Nyakurimwa.

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