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TKP (The First Lady of Zim House) “Salibonani Album Review”

Salibonani is a masterpiece and if you love music you will absolutely appreciate this work of art.TKP has proved she is here to stay and to enrich the Zimbabwe music industry, her versatility in this album is proof.


Firstly, we would like to congratulate TKP and Afro Platinum Music for the nominations during 7th edition ZIMA awards in the best house music category. Before you read this we advise you get a copy of TKP`S Salibonani Album. Sandisiwe Dube aka TKP is a versatile full time singer, songwriter, radio personality, voice over artist, creative producer, actress and model. She is a performing artist signed and published by Afro Platinum Media. Check out this link for more details about her,http://urbanculxure.com/2015/12/10-things-you-did-not-know-about-tkp-the-first-lady-of-zim-house-music/Mhururu TKP digital cover

In 2015 TKP released her debut house music album. The album was released by Afro platinum media the record label which she is signed to. The album titled “Salibonani” is notable one of the best house music album to ever come out of Zimbabwe. Radio stations throughout Zimbabwe were heard repeating some of the street bangers like Salibonani, Mhururu and Phumilanga. The production side of the songs on the album is international which has prompted the album to spillover to 2016.Tracks like “Moto” which means “Fire” is on rotation some radio stations in Zimbabwe.

Salibonani which means “hello” kicks starts the album, this track is ultimately the introduction of the dance album. Mhururu is the second track in this masterpiece, this is a track calling out for a celebration and for the masses to listen to the sound of the astonishing sound of the African drum, this song is definitely a party song as highlighted by its lyrics, she sings well in Shona and tell us that we will party till the sun comes out. Phumilanga is yet another party banger sung in Ndebele that can keep anyone, anywhere on their happy feet. Phumilanga was one of the most successful songs of this album. The song was music charts on various radio stations. Moto is number four on the album this yet another party/dance tune which is set to keep people dancing throughout 2016.TKP Clean

The fifth track is “Letting Go “and on this track the message we get is about living in the moment and letting go. On this track we get to hear TKP`s vocal strength, ability and the beat of this song is 100% in connection with the vocals. “Baba wethu” which means “Our Father” is track number 7 is one gospel song which is probably one of the most well executed gospel house songs one will hear in their life time. The seventh track is called “Sangena” which means to “enter” this is TKPs statement of entry, as this song is about her entry into the music industry, this is definitely a sing a long track as a result of the catchy chorus. “Deep in my soul” is the next track, this is one deep house track only for those who understand the language of deep house music. The deep instrumentation of this track will entice one to increase their stereo volume. What is a house album without some love or emotional songs? Well TKP did not leave us hanging the tracks “Breaking my heart” and “I’m not sorry” are the two outstanding love songs where TKP highlights her emotional side. These two tracks are too soulful, that they leave sensitive people pressing the repeat button on their music device.Phumilanga EP

“Bhowesa” which is street lingo for causing a scene, is one of the smashing commercial songs in this album. In this song TKP is singing about her success and how people now view her as an individual. Surprise! surprise! When one thinks the album is going to end with another house firework.TKP decided to drop a bomb on us by signing off the album with an Afro pop track titled “Kuchema” which means “to cry” this soulful afro pop song will leave one thinking about the echoes of the late Chiwoniso Maraire. This song is powerful as it highlights the plight the of most Zimbabweans, it also encourages and uplifts at the same time.

Mhururu TKP digital cover


Salibonani is a masterpiece and if you love music you will absolutely appreciate this work of art.TKP has proved she is here to stay and to enrich the Zimbabwe music industry, her versatility in this album is proof.

To get the album and for bookings / enquiries:Email: [email protected]

Mobile:  +263 77 372 1693| +263 77 467 6420

http://www.facebook.com/TKP Zimhouse


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