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Why Parents Do Not Want Their Female Children to Sing

My Point Exactly by Kadder
My Point Exactly by Kadder

Mama l want to sing.It is was most popular line that many have used to request for permission to be the music circles…

‘It hurts to have my mom against my dreams because as my mom l expect her to support and understand me. She is not only my mom but my friend too.’ Nelly Mckessie (Upcoming Zimbabwean Female Rapper)

My Point Exactly


My Point Exactly by Kadder

Of all the careers, why would one’s child choose to sing? Why not career like teaching or medicine?Many have always asked?

Internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho parents admitted him into a mental institution thrice because he wanted to become a writer.

Paulo Coelho in 2008
Paulo Coelho in 2008

They thought something was wrong with him and they wanted him to ‘see reason’ and go for what they termed a sensible career like Law. Imagine if he had obeyed his parents? He might have been a successful lawyer but the world would have been robbed of the positive impact that he has been able to achieve through writing.

Parents usually react negatively when their little angels begin to grow wings and want to venture into the music industry due to various reasons. The first one being the vulnerability of female Artiste the abuse of Alcohol and Drugs.

Hard as it is to believe, parents also do not want their children to sing not because they are against it as a career but because they will be protecting them from disappointment. The reason being that the bigger the dream and expectations, the bigger the potential for disappointment.

The fear of change, having a child who deviates from the norm and chooses to be an Artiste is unsettling to parents. There is also that unflattering light that a daughter who chooses to be a singer and becomes successful at it shines on her parents unintentionally and that is the fact that one has broken barriers and achieved what they were scared to do. Simply put, most parents just want their girls to get married and have regular paying jobs.

Nelly Mckessie
Nelly Mckessie

Nelisiwe Rosemary Moyo an upcoming Bulawayo based female Rapper better known as Nelly Mckessie in the music circles ventured into the music industry in 2012 but she says her mom came to know of it last year.

At first, she was okay with her chosen career path but all of a sudden, she thinks it is a waste of time and she insists that Nelly gets a job because music does not pay. When asked about the way she feels about her mother’s reaction towards her music career, she responded by saying that it hurts not to have her mother’s support. Music has always been a dream for her and now that it has become a career all her mom has to do is show some love.

It is usually hard for females to win their parent’s support when they want to sing. However, if one wants to prove to them how passionate about her music she is, she can start by performing for them perhaps at a family gathering like a birthday party, or join a church choir and have them watch you perform.

It would also be wise to meet them halfway by studying for a profession, which will serve as backup during tough times. Should one choose to honor her parents and suppress her dream, she should know that it is not only her who suffers but also everyone who stands to benefit from the gifts her best self has to offer.

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