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Hit or Flop: Sandra Ndebele Dedication Tracks RATED!


Artist: K.O.D , Msiz’kay & Double P G

Track: Sandra Ndebele

Stars: 2

Urban Culxure
Urban Culxure

Artist: M.C Tytoh, The DOT & Zkit Lampy 

Track :Sandra Ndebele

Stars: 2

A few weeks ago two popular hip-hop crews from Bulawayo were allegedly fighting for a Sandra Ndebele dedication track concept.

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The War was terrible but nevertheless the two tracks were the most embarrassing tracks ever done. I remember when I sent Sandra the tracks I was embarrassed on what I was exactly doing she never replied I guess she was in utter shock as I was.

I even wonder what they were all making noise about. Should use that NOISE!!  Energy to make proper tracks. Let me get down to HIT OR FLOP business

I’ve listened to terrible hip hop tracks in my life and this two track’s by all standards qualify in that category.Real Crap!!!

Not taking away any credit away from the boys for their passion and commitment to the project but this is nothing to write home about let alone the lyrical content. ‘you remind me of sandra ndebele’ hahaha sandra ndebele o tsena kae jaanong? Eish ndokushaya manje uku.

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My advice to these guys find a mentor and let him/her run you through the whole concept behind hip-hop because you surely don’t seem to understand it at all.Can we please stop giving people half backed productions as it has a negative view for our local acts.

HIT or FLOP? For me its a definite FLOP, a 2 star song, purely amateur stuff. No offence gents. I’m out!