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How To Become A Mainstream Rapper In Africa : (10 Steps)

Mc Tytoh-Turn Up
Mc Tytoh-Turn Up

Congratulations, so you have decided to be a hip-hop sensation. Well you will need to follow these 10 steps below to become a mainstream rapper. N. B these are not rules.HHP

1.Decide on the rap style you want people to identify you with. Do you want to rap slow or rap fast? Do you want to be a gospel rapper or a streetwise rapper? Well the choice is yours.

2.Make-up a catchy stage name and use it. Examples of rapper’s names include HHP and Sakodie among others.IMG-20160527-WA0004

3.Write your raps and lyrics down on a notepad, rap music is an art and skill as such you will need to write your lyrics to be legit, if you cannot write, get someone to write for you “ghostwriter”.

4.Look for startup capital, a studio and a good producer,this is the person who will make and mix your magic in the studio. If you can do it yourself, go for it.

5.Look for people who believe in your dream and built a team which will help promote your brand create a fan base.

These days getting fans is not much of a challenge. You can start by creating a fan page on Face-book and Twitter account.

Urban Culxure
Urban Culxure

6.Write, recite and record. Easy!

Kid X
Kid X

7.Visit local nightclubs and speak with owners of the clubs and organize your own headline shows. Do not forget to be friends with the D.js, network with influential people and organizations.

8.Try to go viral on You Tube with a simply but well-thought out music video, try a one take music video. Many rap superstars have come up because of their viral content on YouTube.

urban culxure

Also do not forget to upload your music on online music platforms like iTunes and sound cloud among others.

9.Invade all the radios in your country and get touch with all the media persons you can get hold of, including independent entertainment internet entrepreneurs. Before you know it all the media outlets will be after you.

10.Repeat all the above steps, again and again, best believe you are on your way to fame and fortune.

urban culxure tshirt

Bonus make good music,be patient and contact urbanculxure.com to write about you.

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