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The Kind of Men, Women in Music Would Want To Date

My Point Exactly by Kadder
My Point Exactly by Kadder

Story has it that the gods split human beings as a form of punishing them for their pride. Since then, human beings have been in search of their soul mates, waiting for ‘the one’ to complete them.

My Point Exactly by Kadder
My Point Exactly by Kadder

I don’t know about you but this philosophy based on ancient mythology does not sound true to me. Well, there might be no such thing as a soul mate but women want to love and be loved by that special someone.

Women have common knowledge on which types of men not to date. From the ‘sort of spiritual guy’ whose life has hints of God in it instead of being defined by Him, the ‘you’ll make a great sidekick guy’ who sees a woman as a checkbox for his five year plan to the ‘let’s get physical guy’ who makes one think he is into her when he actually wants to get into her pants… the list goes on.

However, when it comes to the kind of man one would like to date, each woman has particular qualities that she wants in a man.

Yours truly took her time to find out not just the kind of man any woman would like to date, but the kind of man a woman in the music would want to date.

Claire ‘Ratiewafincho’ Dangarembwa
Claire ‘Ratiewafincho’ Dangarembwa

Claire ‘Ratiewafincho’ Dangarembwa, a Zimbabwean vocalist, composer and dreamer who was part of Nobuntu in their Austrian tour in 2013 and is currently with Bongoluv(a well-known Zimbabwean Afrocoustic band that has a good following in the US) said she would personally want to date a man who is supportive.

There is no point in being with a man who clearly doesn’t understand the Art because conflicts are inevitable in such a situation .It would be great if he can be there to watch her shows but he should also give her space to work when she needs to. Her kind of man should also be mature enough not to be jealous or suspicious of her interaction with male fans and fellow male artistes.

Femcee AWA said that as a Hip Hop artiste she would want to date a man who understands her and her career. A man who understands that she travels and performs from dusk till dawn sometimes.

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One who understands that she will never be like other women because she decided to take a path that is considered immoral by many and he should have the backbone to stand by her no matter what. Last but not least she would want a man who will be her number one fan, one who will hug and kiss her before and after she performs.

T.K.P a girlfriend, fun loving engineer who is single at the moment and is currently working on her first music video said she likes them big and darkish with an African look, no yellow bone cute little guys.


Her kind of man should be presentable; she would not want to be embarrassed by him. She wants someone who will support her, understand her and the kind of demands which come with her job.

A fun person who won’t be dramatic when she meets her fans given that her songs are on various charts on national radio stations .He can be jealous but not unreasonable. Most importantly she would want someone who will love the woman in her first, not the artiste.

As a fellow woman in Music, l believes this article would be incomplete without my contribution. Truly speaking, l am dating exactly the kind of guy l would want to date. My ‘dream guy’ as a high school scholar would say. Tall, lean and handsome.

A positive man who is not afraid of exploring new possibilities. One, who brings out the best in me, encourages, motivates and inspires me. The kind of guy l can pray and share testimonies with because he is a believer with a strong religious background. A man who listens when l speak, strengthens when l am weak and sees me for the woman l am, not a sex object.

l do not only date a man who ‘understands’ Art but a man who is involved in Arts and is familiar with its highs and lows. A passion driven person who challenges me and puts extra effort in achieving a shared vision.

As a woman who went for a man with a vision instead of one with a television, l love him for the fact that he is not intimidated by my beauty and brains, instead he appreciates that.

I have a weakness for talented men with a particular design of long fingers (hides) and my man is not only a musician but a composer, fashion designer and upcoming promoter with those fingers.

As women in music, a career that is judged unfairly and considered immoral by many, the kind of men we date or the kind of men we would like to date might differ but being supportive, understanding that the career path we chose comes with great challenges and reacting reasonably when it comes to men we deal with in the Music industry, from fellow male artistes, managers, Djs and fans are standard qualities they must have.

If most of us were to date men with these basic qualities, the industry will have more female producers, artistes and promoters as few of us will be retiring once we get married.

To Mulgan Dalubuhle Sibanda a.k.a Khoi Khoi, the one my heart chooses to love.My sunshine and ray of hope.I loved you before l knew you.Ulisotsha lami.

Uzubatshele seng’pheth’umbhobho lo



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