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Bulawayo Jam Sessions Put A Price Tag To to it

Bulawayo Jam Sessions
Bulawayo Jam Sessions

By :@CulxureMagZim

Wednesday 24 August 2016 Bulawayo will again host the Second Edition of the Wednesday Jam Sessions, after the successful launch. Music lovers are geared up for more entertaining Jam Sessions.

Most of the Artiste didn’t disappoint on the last session it is a general belief that all those who will be part of the Wednesday Sessions will do well. Zimbabwe is facing an economic meltdown. Things are not well financially. Cash Crisis some have termed it, but this cant stop organizers from putting shows and putting prices to their shows.

STOP ASKING ARTIST TO WORK FOR EXPOSUREI’ve never tried using exposure to pay the municipality because I know they only take Rands. By @FloMasebe


Having the Jam Session for free isn’t a bad idea but artists need bus fares, Instruments need to be transported to and from the venue; advertising for the Shows needs be done. In addition, it will be hard to get people from the FREE Zone.

Urban Culxure
Urban Culxure

Its high time we treated our events with a monetary feel to it. I won’t be impressed until Music Lovers pay to watch they favorite local acts Jam.

I don’t think the artists will get free rides to the show by simple saying am going to the “Wednesday Jam Session” Commuter Omnibus crews will want they payment in hard cash. If we can make people pay for such even 0.50cents wont harm anyone but it will contribute to us seeing the next session.

At the last session I was hurt because I saw the audience being made up of artists who had simple come to support their peers. To be honest it looked like an artist gathering or get together. I was also hurt by how some individuals sneaked in with bottles of beer and whiskey from outside outlets.

It just made me wonder what kind of support was this, with a price tag I believe we can eliminate some of these elements and make way for people who can support the whole system.You come to the event for FREE and fail to buy anything from the venue, but you sneak in some of your stuff surely such things may cause problems with the owners and may see the end of such events.

To the organizers put a price to the Sessions and build a reputable audience, to be honest it will hard to move out from that Free ZONE after 3 shows we all know how people are like after being used to free gigs. It is my belief that the Session will be monetized soon and have artists reap from their God Given Talent.


To be honest it is one of those things in our city that I won’t let it be done for FREE, I have seen how at times people from my City spend money on other basic things, I believe if they are really in love of music and supporting local acts parting away with a Dollar for such an initiative will not kill them in any way.

Bulawayo Jam Sessions
Bulawayo Jam Sessions

Let’s meet at the Next Jam session which is on Wednesday the 24th at Cecil Hotel what a good environment to be honest its one place that was hidden from us but it offers a good environment to us all It is a Place to be….




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