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Curate Byo Statement

CurateByo Scripts
CurateByo Scripts

Hello good people!

CurateByo will be running a weekly article titled “CurateByo Scripts” which will see various issues about Bulawayo being tackled. This week we will give you a brief statement about CurateByo. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

CurateByo Scripts
CurateByo Scripts

aka Curate Bulawayo is a twitter-based online platform that allows Bulawayo natives anywhere in the world to tweet their Bulawayo experience. A curator is chosen every week by the Admin and then tweets their life story and any subjects that they are familiar with, keeping their followers engaged.

CurateByo is more of a movement that seeks to positively lift the image of the City of Bulawayo to the online world. It is more relatable to natives from the city but is not limited to local issues as the followers are wide and diverse.

It is thus non-tribal, non-political or in any way segregative.


Bulawayo started off with a generally small twitter community but it has grown significantly as a result of movements such as CurateByo and hashtags like #BringTwitterToBulawayo. It has even grown to the extent of having initiatives like @TweetZW which is the first Twitter Party in Zimbabwe.

The brains behind @TweetZW are Bulawayo’s socialites and social entrepreneurs; @GilmoreTee and @patphiri

The first Twitter Party was done jointly with Curate Byo’s first Anniversary party. The twitter party brought the online community to a physical location to mix, mingle and drink while enjoying free WiFi and entertainment from local artists. 

The party saw a lot of prominent figures from the city coming to mingle with tweet-heads.

Bulawayo twitter heads also united to form a charity movement: Twimbos Giving Hope. Twimbos is the general term for Zimbabweans on Twitter. Twimbos Giving Hope started off in Harare and then branched to Bulawayo. A number of donations were done at selected childrens homes in the city.


Curate Byo has had a list of well-known individuals curating on the platform and anything happening around Bulawayo is usually tagged to the twitter handle.

Tweets can also be followed on the Facebook page, information on past curators can be found on the blog and there is also an Instagram account.

The movement encourages the use of social media in a positive manner by engaging followers in diverse conversations which always keep the page worthwhile to visit.

It is always updated on events and functions around the city.

Every Bulawayo individual is entitled to a twitter handle, which is generally akin to being entitled to an opinion.


The movement can only get better with the positive support of locals and also the corporate world can use it to their advantage as the movement is growing and numbers don’t lie.

Happy tweeting and engaging to all fellow Bulawayians and the Tworld at large.


C.E.O CurateByo

Valentine Tusai






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