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Stories Behind Some of Our Favorite Artistes’ Stage Names


Well, it’s not only just a name, neither is it just an alias, but one’s identity as an Artiste. A name masses will remember one with long after he or she is gone. Some take time thinking and coming up with stage names, some are given by friends and families whereas others simply chose to use their real names.

My Point Exactly


My Point Exactly by Kadder

Other names suck, others are so good you cannot stop mouthing them for instance Stilo Magolide, Boys n Bucks you name them. Anyway have you ever wondered how those names came up? Some of our favorite local artistes shared their stories with us and here they are.

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2015 ZIMA Nominee Mzoe 7 a.k.a Mr Gagagugu, real name Mzobanzi Mlauzi had one hell of an interesting numerical story to tell.Mzoe is short for Mzobanzi, 7 is a number of perfection and his favorite rapper 2pac’s favorite number.

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He is the 7th born, born 6 March 7 hours before the 7th of March. When growing up people used to call him 7, in grade 7 he got 7 points, well the list is endless. At least one now knows how the name Mzoe 7 came to be. Mzoe 7 has shared the stage with Nigerian star Wizzkidd, S.A top artistes like Kid X, Nathi and Vusinova to mention a few.

Mzoe 7 On stage
Mzoe 7 On stage

Mjox, real name Tafara Joga, founder and producer at Emafletsini Studios says his friend Benedict ‘Kooplas’  Mhlanga used to playfully call him Joks, short for his surname Joga until the name stuck.

 Emafletsini Studios 2013.picture by Tswarelo Mothobe
Emafletsini Studios 2013.picture by Tswarelo Mothobe

Eventually an ‘M’ was added by friends until it became Mjox. He then thought of giving it a meaning so he abbreviated it. M for Musical, J for Journey, O for Of a, K for Kwaito S for Star written as MJOKS which is still pronounced as Mjox.Mjox was part of the Kwaito group Street Niggaz with Mavusane and Mzala.

khuliyo and Mjox On Stage Picture by Mgcini Nyoni
khuliyo and Mjox On Stage Picture by Mgcini Nyoni

He has produced for artistes such as Siyaya, Jeys Marabini, Sandra Ndebele,Pozee, Khuliyo ,Khuxmann,Kadder,Khoi Khoi,Kidd Ego, Otis Ngwabi, Hwabaraty and Chets.

Hip Hop Playlist Coming Soon
Hip Hop Playlist Coming Soon

Nkosana Mpofu, popularly known as Dj 89,a talented member of the Bulawayo’s finest house movement called Chronicles of House Nation (COHN), Deep City Avenues, the mastermind behind the group Tribal Therapy alongside Nkosilathi Lunga (Dj Nkosie) began using the name 89 in 2009 when he was in South Africa.Before then he was using the name Dj Nkosi.

He says he always wanted a unique name and one day when he was watching a kids’ show on YoTV SABC 1, inspiration hit him. The presenters where talking about how one can get a stage name as a Dj and one of them brought up the fact that he had never heard Djs use numbers as their stage names. He began searching, not for an ordinary number but for a special one that had a meaning in his life.


He thought of the year he was born, took 89 from 1989 and that’s how we know him today.Dj 89 released his first album titled House Imagination Volume One featuring Xmile, Dj Face, Sandy, Trokho, Knox B, G Roq Quantah, Mgcini and Drumboss in 2014  and House Imagination No Vocal Ep in December 2015.

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Mawiza a Ndebele Rap Artiste from Entumbane Bulawayo, under Volte Face Records says his stage name came from his childhood name Mawie. His real name is Wisdom Moyo.

He played around with the name Mawie and the name Wizzy, which other people used to call him with and Mawiza was born.

He released his Ep in November 2015 and has performed alongside big names in the industry including the likes of Kid X, Nathi, Bucie, Winky D, Cool Crooners and Djembe Monks to mention a few.He was also part of the group Topfellaz which disbanded in 2014.


If l could, l was going to interview a whole lot of Artistes from Hwabaraty to Dobha Don and keep them stories coming but hey, duty calls. I gotta keep my article short and precise…editor’s orders.

It was great having these artistes open up and share such intimate details about their names. It makes us love them more and leaves us yearning for more information about them.

Who knows, we might have the Top 10 Best and Worst Stage Names 2016 right here on your favorite online magazine.

Well, dear readers, this one is for you, comment below with some of the best and worst local stage names you have heard of.

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