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CurateByo Scripts: UpInSmoke Poetry Movement

UpInSmoke Poetry Movement

UpInSmoke Poetry is a Platform for Poets and Thinkers to Interact and share their energy and vibrations in an Infinite Space.

UpInSmoke Poetry was founded by Tshila, Biko, Chikepe and Rae Lyric on the 1st of May 2016. This was due to the intense creativity, passion and commitment displayed by the Poets and Thinkers.
The movement started in Harare and the Bulawayo wing has recently taken off too.
The poets in Harare meet up on weekends at the Harare Gardens where they host slams, shows and take videos. They also meet up at Cleveland Dam.

CurateByo Scripts
CurateByo Scripts

One of the interesting videos shot at the Poetry In The Park sessions is titled “A Game Called Love” which features Shakespear, Gwenyambira, Gravity, Hupepe Chule and TheVoice

UpInSmoke poet Gravity reciting a poem at Cleveland Dam:

UpInSmoke Poets:Tribe Afro interview:

The most notable UpInSmoke Slam is the one where DJ Tshila gave the movement a slot on ZiFM where 5 poets would battle it out for 30 minutes on the show.
Members of UpInSmoke include among others: M.U.S.E., Profound, TheVoice, Gwenyambira, Biko, SaintValz,Lady Scarlett, Hupepe Chule, Kapitol C, Church Muziq, Madzitatiguru, Elizabethe Semende, Joy Munde (Kenya) Rae Lyric, Reddawn, Zenn I(South-Africa), Ancient Kings, Charlotte C, Mutimbanepasi, Boygene (Kenya)… the database is growing so big, I cannot list them all.

UpInSmoke Poetry now has a strong membership in Bulawayo and has in the past few weeks been promising to deliver fireworks on the poetry scene. The movement kick-starts with a poetry slam at the National Museum on the 30th of September.The poetry slam will be backed mostly by the 400 club which sponsors art events, Bold & Beautiful saloon, Alliance Francaise de Bulawayo and W&T catering. They are promising an explosive poetry slam at the National Museum on the 30th of September. The poetry slam will see six vicious UpInSmoke poets battle for the top prize. Even more interesting is the fact that there is gender balance at the slam; 3 Gods and 3 Goddesses will battle it out.

Artists that will provide entertainment at the event include: Mzoe7, Wa-BB, M.U.S.E. and others to be confirmed

“Make sure you show up at the National Museum at 1400hrs on Friday the 30th of September and enjoy the brilliance of poetry!” ~ Biko Maximus Martini

frabjous-fling-live-The poetry slam will lead straight to the after-party at Bistro Gardens. The slam winner and other performers will be pampered at the after-party. This will be a candle-light affair in the garden and people are encouraged to bring candles and cushions. Various performances will be showcased at the event with local artists gracing the after-party. The most anticipated performance will be “Frabjous Fling”, a romantic poetic story recited by SaintValz and The Ladies. Frabjous Fling is a romantic poetic story written by Valentine Tusai and 12 ladies from all over Africa, he will be on stage with five of the ladies. The ladies include Kapitol C ThedeepSoul Psychadelik and Natasha K. This performance was first performed at Sethule Bar – Rainbow Hotel during the Poetics Synchretism poetry nights and this will be their second performance.  The performance of Frabjous Fling has been dubbed the “French Affair”.

FrabFlinghttps://www.datafilehost.com/d/bYkdVlF0c8If you want a copy of Frabjous Fling, you can download it for free >>HERE<<

Lets all find our way to the National Museum on Friday and witness the UpInSmoke experience….

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