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HIT OR FLOP: Panorwadza Moyo-Winky D ft. Oliver Mtukudzi


Track: Panorwadza Moyo

Artist: Winky D ft. Oliver Mtukudzi

Stars: 4.5

This collaboration will probably come as one of the best lately. Getting Winky D and Tuku to do a track is equivalent to getting Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to play for the same team.


You can imagine the result. A definite THRILLER! The trademark Tuku acoustic guitar gives this track an awesome mature intro and the fusion with the Zimdancehall flair gives it a majestic feel.

One thing I love about the song is the emotional chorus and the call and response with Tuku. Two distinct and great artists can only produce the best. For me this goes down as Winky D’s best production so far because there is so much maturity in the song and Tuku brings the stability in it.


This is a song that can cut across all generations and this goes down as one of the top contenders for the Song of the year 2016. A timely production indeed. HIT or FLOP? No doubt about it, this is a definite big HIT! Well done Winky D and Tuku