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Mahalia Buchanan Flops In Botswana

Mercy Robert
Mercy Robert

MAHALIA FLOPS IN BOTSWANA this would go down as one of the worst and biggest flops of the decade in Southern Africa.


Highly rated and arguably one of the best gospel artist and vocalist to emerge from Joyous Celebration and South Africa Mahalia Buchanan was this past weekend involved in one of the biggest FLOP organised by Mercy Robert and her company TROGS.


Despite the fact that it was poorly attended (by that I mean less than 30 people watched Mahalia on stage) there was so much drama behind the scenes. For the first time in my life I had to witness police and soldiers come to a gospel concert to maintain peace after the small crowd that had paid to get inside demanded refunds.

Mercy Robert
Mercy Robert

Frustration creeped in after there was no activity on stage till it was almost 2200hrs and the show was scheduled to start at 1800hrs. With all that having happened Mahalia came on stage after midnight, a thing that really left a lot to be desired about the organisation of the show.

The event was expected to be high profile only for fans to be disappointed by so many things, as per the poster there were 4 supporting acts namely Jesse Priestly, Melody Banda, Teddie Sakala and Mercy Robert that were suppose to take to the stage and only one of the 4 (Teddie Sakala) performed.

Jesse Priestly and Melody Banda never arrived at the venue and despite Mercy Robert being present at the venue she never performed. What that meant was the fans never got value for their money.

Its so sad that even after the show we witnessed Mercy Robert trying to sneak out of the venue before being taken out of the car she was in. She was surrounded by more than 12 people who demanded their payments for services offered.

This included the band, vocalists, artist, sound providers. After a few conversations it came to light that its not the first time Mercy Robert has crooked artists, its said that a number of musicians don’t like to work with her because of her history of dodging payments.

One question still unanswered within people is how on earth could a Mahalia Buchanan show attract a small crowd like that? To me its so unearthical and its so hard to believe but I saw it and it was real though its unbelievable.

The one good thing I took from the show is that Mahalia didn’t disappoint, she real ministered with excellence and Teddie Sakala who performed before her was up to the task also and got the agitated crowd on their feet dancing and enjoying themselves at least for once in a seemingly disastrous night.

The other 2 guest artists didn’t show up because of payment issues and that she owes one of them monies from previous shows.

Though she promised people that they will perform she knew ahead of time that they were not going to show up to the venue., this is your boy The Fivestargeneral, be sure to subscribe and keep following Urban Culxure Magazine your one stop entertainment magazine.

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