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Star Brite:Stay Bright or Stay Behind


“If you are bigger than Star Brite,leave it.if you want to see your star shine,consider it” If these were lyrics of a song l was going to say this man delivered a punchline.l applaud him for such a powerful quote. I have always loved the saying “you are the shaper of your own destiny” which means that one is the major influence in the making of his/her success.

My Point Exactly


My Point Exactly by Kadder@PlannetKadder

One always has a choice.It’s either one sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands or one hesitates and loses an opportunity that would have opened doors for him or her. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.Such is the Starbrite Talent Search programme….received with mixed feeling.Weeh Starbrite,uyang’khipha nom’ uyangfaka?


This article was inspired by a conversation l was following in an Arts group on Whatsapp and l found it worthy to share as some of the participants in the conversation are respected individuals in the industry.However,l wont mention any names.Their conversation was balanced and constructive.l will quote a few of them.

One argued that competitions like Starbrite do not have the Artistes’ welfare at heart.He said such programmes are productions which have to occur whether good funding or not,whether someone gets hurt or not. A director of a well groomed dance ensemble echoed the same sentiments.He specifically said ‘Starbrite mmmhh…you there at your own risk….’

However not all of them were against Starbrite.Most of the participants in the conversation stated that avenues can be opened from such programmes and they are trying to promote and elevate artistes.They said that artistes who were previously disadvantaged should not discourage those who want to participate.

I hooked up with Novuyo Seagirl, 2015 Starbrite winner and asked her why she participated in Starbrite,how she survived and how she felt after winning.She had this to say ” Personally l must say l heard of stories too but after my own experience l wouldn’t say l regret being part of Starbrite.lt made me grow as an individual artist,boosted my confidence,made me strong ..l actually learnt a lot so to say.

Starbrite is a platform not only for showcasing your talent but a school as well.it is a training ground,a preparation for upcoming emerging artist as well.you are taught to be able to stand out for anything out there in the industry as well.We all know that the industry is not an easy road but through the training and process you go through throughout the competition you become stronger.lf you feel like u have the need to participate, l say go for it.You never know when your time is..so sometimes do not hesitate to go for something..u dont wana live ur life “

Not evryone’s bad experience can be ur experience.we are all meant to experience situations differently.’ Stories of sleeping at train stations 400km away from home,surviving on two meals for 3 days at similar competitions have discouraged some upcoming artistes who wanted to participate.

One director from the Whatsapp group chat advised artistes who dared venture into Starbrite not to expect too much from the producers but instead let their Art do the talking and shine. All the best to this year’s finalist’s.Always bear in mind that to be a star you have to shine your own light. Starbrite:its your time to shine.