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Story Telling on Social Media


Once upon a culture, grandparents used to be the sources of information, folk tales, and general stories. With the introduction and accessibility of books, storytelling is now rather more diverse and done by almost anyone willing.

Enter social media and even you have the opportunity to tell your story. Here are 5 ways you can play around with social media applications to tell your story.

Twitter: arguably one of the fastest growing social media platforms, twitter allows you to share a story in a manner that keeps your followers engaged.

follow us on twitter
follow us on twitter

However you have to be a little careful how you go about it, as a little deviation could disengage the person reading. The best way to go about it is to write your tweets (story) first and save them in a particular order in your drafts.

Then tweet the first portion of the story and the remaining portions come as a reply to the preceding tweet. This makes it easier to tell your story with minimum distractions from other tweets interfering.

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Facebook: So Facebook noticed that we interact among bloggers who aim to reach at least 500 words on any post and it’s cumbersome to read the whole story.


So what they did is introduce a ‘NOTE’ forum which allows you to post those long posts. As a result these notes are saved as a link and are easily accessibly as compared to tracing a Facebook post from few months back.

The Travellers Paradise Lalani Lodge & Conference Centre

Lalani Travellers Lodge
Lalani Travellers Lodge

Instagram: You don’t always need words to tell your story: Hello Instagram story mode. Story mode may (or may not) have been borrowed from Snapchat but with added seconds.

This feature allows you to share an event or story in image or video mode, or a combination of both.

Men of few words will love this feature but it has two disadvantages: firstly the story is only available for 24 hours, secondly only you and your circle of followers can see these stories.

With good manipulation and storytelling though, your follower base will grow, I mean how hard could it be right?

British Council Zimbabwe
British Council Zimbabwe

Whatsapp: I have seen the popularity of WhatsApp groups and that is one of the way to get a bit of millage in getting known or the word out about your hustle.

There are very interesting groups for poets, storytellers and literature. I am part of a group called African Literature that has members from different countries in Africa.

If you post a story or poem, they critique it well and this helps in your technique. They also review books and anthologies. With a story its best to post it in episodes, an episode a day and you keep the group entertained while also growing your storytelling skill.


Blogging: Last but not least, nothing shows a writers growth and seriousness like blogging. Just type out your full story and post it on your blog. You choose your theme, your content and your rules.

This is the ultimate no judgment zone, and I believe there is no content that has no crowd, just keep doing what you’re doing and share the links of your article/story.

A blog grows its own crowd, some people look for blogs only and do not do other forms of social media. Not to be limited though, you can share the link to your story on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other countless forums.

This sums up the 5 ways you can play around with social media applications to tell your story. If you have mastered your story telling on social media then you can then graduate to the big one which is WATTPAD.

Wattpad is just a haven for stories, but you cannot just storm in there with mediocre stuff. The juicy tips will be published on a future article. For now, lets’ get story writing fellas.

 By Mugo and SaintValz

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