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10 Facts About Vuyo Brown


Today we celebrate the works of talented Bulawayo born gospel musician Nokufeza Vuyolethu Ngwenya who is better known as Vuyo Brown in the gospel music circles.

1. My name is Nokufeza Vuyolethu Ngwenya, Vuyo Brown is my stage name.
2. Born 30 January 1992 in Bulawayo.
3. I always loved music but singing infront of people I Started in church, in the worship when I was 14.

Vuyo Brown
Vuyo Brown

4. I am a media studies student and I love photography, broadcasting and film, being creative in general.
5. My first single, as a solo artist, was NdiJesu which was released in July


6. I write my own songs and
7. The reason I do music is for the glory of God. Every word, every note is unto the glory of God.
8. In form 2 I wanted to study law.

Vuyo Brown
Vuyo Brown

9. I am still learning to play the keyboard and I want to be able to play the basic instruments that are in a band, no limits.
10. I love pastry, i just love almost anything baked.

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