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Meet multiple award winning producer : Suffocate

I had the privilege to have a chat with talented multiple award winning Producer and owner of award winning Record Label Roc'Lefatshe Records from Botswana and I'm talking about none other than Suffocate.


Hi guys, Happy New Year and welcome to 2017 a beautiful year indeed. This is my first article for the year and we just had to start it on a high note.


I had the privilege to have a chat with talented multiple award winning Producer and owner of award winning Record Label Roc’Lefatshe Records from Botswana and I’m talking about none other than Suffocate.

No time wasting, let’s get right into it!

5star: Straight into business Suffo, Suffocate ke mang?

Suffo: Suffocate is just an ordinary guy, a believer, a multiple award winning Producer, 3 time award nominee for Best Producer/Producer of the Year, owner of 3 time award winning Record Label ROC’ Lefatshe in Botswana.

5star: A well decorated producer indeed Suffo, how did your music career start?

Suffo: basically I’ve always been a music lover from a very young age and wanted to be involved on the mainstream industry, as I grew I got inspiration and learnt a lot from local and international artists and producer and grew and decided to establish my own Label and sign artists.

5star: In your quest to be part of the mainstream industry what inspired you the most?

Suffo: I’m a self driven individual, I always dream big and they inspire me to work hard, I’ve been inspired by a number of people around, if I mention names it would be a long list.

5star: You have won the coveted BOMU Awards Producer of the Year a couple times and being the current holder of the award, how does it feel to be on top?

Suffo: For me its an honor and its a blessing from God, I thank Him always for the talent and being the top producer in the country its fun because i get to challenge myself more to work harder, I’m loving the spot and all comes with hard work. Hoping that even this year that we will be taking over but as for the awards I will be giving my boys the 808 Cartel.

5star: You have proven to be a hit maker having produced hit songs of through out 2016, what has been the driving force?

Suffo: what has been my driving force, in 2016 I lost a lot and lot of people in my life, I had to sit down and go back to the drawing board and set my priorities right. I had to work extra hard, being a hit maker is easy as long as you are unique.

5star: Tell us more about your Record Label ROC Lefatshe…

Suffo: Roc’ Lefatshe is a God driven Record Label, we are all about God and we are where we are because of God and our fans.

5star: Last year alone 2 artists from your label namely Mmemo and KayCee got nominations in various categories and also Dipstrada who has been rocking the airwaves, how did you discover such talent?

Suffo: Actually all 3 got nominated, even though they didn’t win awards but it was an achievement. I’ve worked with Dipstrada for more that 8-10 years, as for Mmemo.

I heard one song of his which he recorded somewhere and I signed him, with KayCee I met her through a friend who had her in her label, by then she was doing Hip Hop and when I signed her I sat her down and we created SPAZAH music which has been working for her well.

5star: Tell us more about your upcoming Kasi 2 Kasi Tour!!!

Suffo: usually we love calling it the People’s Tour, we try to cover as much villages in a period of 6 months, it has already started and it will run till sometime in August. This tour is a stable thing and focus on our artists bit we keep adding a new artist in different locations to encourage talent.

5star: What are your special words to your fans out there?

Suffo: actually I don’t have fans but i would rather call them family, the people who follow me are awesome, thank you for the support you have showed me and my artists throughout the years and we really appreciate and I believe 2017 will be bigger and greater for us all.

5star: Describe Suffocate in 3 words…

Suffo: God fearing individual!

5star: what do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

Suffo: Man I hardly have spare time, I spend most of my time working and positioning myself to be a legend, a person people talk about and show everyone that one can make a living out of this.

5star: Tell us more about the labels and artists you have worked with?

Suffo: I could produce a book about that, I’ve worked with countless artists all around and in different countries, Vee Mampeezy, Jah Prayzah from Zimbabwe, they are just too many to mention!

I always love to mention my artists Kay Cee, Dipstrada and Mmemo and of course the 808 Cartel that’s a group of 2 producers under my label.

5star: I’m going to put you in a tight corner right now, who is your favorite artist in the ROC Lefatshe label?

Suffo: I love them all the same! They are in the same page and they all deliver exceptional results always!

5star: Any upcoming collaborations?

Suffo: we are working on a couple of them and we looking forward to those! Look out for the 808 Cartel they are fire!

Here we have guys, right from your very own multiple award winning and Botswana’s number 1 producer Suffocate! Ke ROC’ Lefatshe Papa! Cheers guys I’m OUTA here!!!

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