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#KFCBYO: Off kings and queens wanting to fry chickens

KFC Bulawayo Restaurant & Drive-thru. PICTURE: www.kfc.co.zw
KFC Bulawayo Restaurant & Drive-thru. PICTURE: www.kfc.co.zw

The opening of KFC Bulawayo branch brought a lot of excitement from the moment the food chain announced that they will be operational in Bulawayo something I didn’t get at all or maybe the current fried chicken outlets are not meeting the standards of the kings and queens.

By Anonymous

Fast forward to the opening day, scores of people from all over Bulawayo came through to have themselves Kentucky fried chicken and Zifm was broadcasting from the venue.

Then vanashefu (policemen) in their numbers popped up having been called to disburse employment seekers who had made their way to the food outlet in search of jobs in response to a fake WhatsApp message calling on people to bring CV’s to KFC.

This was followed by Bulawayo people taking to social media complaining about why the food outlet had brought its staff from Harare?. Why didn’t they employ locals (Bulawayo residents)?.

Another fake Whatsapp message circulated and on Monday the job seekers were back again at the food outlet and social media noise grew louder. A whatsapp message boycotting the food joint circulated, saying until they employed locals we were going to stay away from their branch, by “we” I don’t know who they meant but I was and am not part of that.

I might not have a job but what has Kentucky fried chicken got to do with it, who fried it ,Harare person, Bulawayo person, Binga person, it doesn’t matter to me, what matters is the quality of the service and food.

On that boycott note recently there was a saga of a local chips joint owner having a relationship with his employee that ended with a shooting of a Bulawayo artist and there was a call to boycott the joint, how is my stomach related to other people’s marital problems ,alike lingiyekele mina because those chips are good.

back to KFC

Why are people complaining ,I was scrolling through facebook and this wanna be comedian had a post that read

“Pple be complaining about KFC bringing staff from Hre for their Byo Branch.

Oskido comes in December takes most of your money and gives the big chunk to SA artists and Byo ones get peanuts. Lina Zwiiiii meanwhile Djembe monks be Talented but he can’t take them up and make them Global.

Skyzmetro has Professor headlining their first Anniversary ,how much is he getting paid and how much will the local artists get.

You all need to chill on this Victim act litshiye ubumbulu.

I said lizangenzani.”

I could have commented Asifuni Bumbulu or Sizakutshaya (being a Bosso fan) but he had valid points so all I did was like and watched the comments that came through.

I get that people need employment, I get that locals (people within that area a business is opening a branch) should also gain from that, but lets look at it with a business eye, a franchise like KFC  has a reputation to maintain in terms of quality of service and only qualified personnel could deliver on a day like that and if you went there like I did you would know but again most of you were taking your full-time jobs on twitter.

Bulawayo only knows how to complain selectively , just hours before the KFC branch opened, back at city hall car park crowd violence had erupted at the Busy Signal show resulting with the Jamaican not performing because of poor sound system, a sound system that was supplied by a Bulawayo company and the promoters of the show got the insults yet when they bring a sound system from Harare that works you complain they are sidelining Bulawayo service providers yet when it comes time deliver tholukuthi asikwazi kudeliver.

Lets stop being petty Bantu we have an idle industry politicians have called names like Scrap Yard and Ghost town yet we keep quiet and praise them and now we take our frustration on frying chicken.

If we are going to stand up on whats wrong lets stand up against everything not selectively if you want me to boycott KFC, boycott rallies of people who call our home scrap yard or ghost town , or rallies with speeches in languages local folks don’t relate to.

The mentality of complaining should stop, lets eat kentucky fried chicken sithabile.

I just said it  yimi uAnon…





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