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Kalawa Homecoming season coming soon: Here is what we expect


Destruction Boyz
Destruction Boyz

December is around the corner and this means nothing besides the coming of the long awaited festive frenzy. As per every year, multitudes of Bulawayo natives are already planning their Kalawa homecoming budgets and outfits.

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Kalawa Homecoming has become a social showdown where your status can be easily evaluated by your absence at the event. It is evident why every year the hype around the event grows louder and louder. Top act performances, friends, food and drinks; what more can a hard working Bulawayo resident ask for at the end of the year.

With the event drawing closer, we wonder who the main act of 2017 is going to be. It is without a doubt that Distruction Boyz, Killer Kau, DJ Tira and Okmalumkoolkat are amongst the most wished-for appearances to grace the annual event due their impressive offerings throughout 2017.

Distruction Boyz with their hits Shut up and Groove and Omunye Phezu komunye, are a definite hit in the city and their presence will be the perfect way to end 2017. Although it will not be the first time in the city, it seems Bulawayo cannot get enough of them.

We are also looking forward to having a bit more of our “local flavor”. Bulawayo artists have been given curtain raising roles for a while now and we deem it is time for them to be thrown in the same group as the foreign acts coming in to perform.QUALITY: check PERFORMANCE: check; we believe that most local artists are ready to jump in and swim with the sharks now. If they are not given a shot in their hometown then how do we expect them to grow?

To whom it may concern, please give local artists a bigger stake of the pie. Who knows it,might be the breakthrough Bulawayo arts has been waiting for since The Majaivana days. At the moment, asking for other out-of-Bulawayo acts will be pushing it too far, seeing our existing local situation, but still, it would not hurt to have Winky D, Ammara Brown and EXQ to belt his popular hit Nhema which seems to be on rotation in most Bulawayo pubs and bars.

With that being said, we have requests to the organizers.

  1. REDUCE YOUR BEER PRICES!!!! The economy has been rough for most of us this year. And please make sure you have POS machines its 2017 we live in a world of plastic money.
  2. Hire local bouncers I’m sure even though our own fellas might gym on empty stomachs, they can still get the job done. It is painful to be manhandled by a total stranger.
  3. We also hope to see deserving local artists on the lineup and less of those that do not fit the event that do not fit to the event. We wish to see our local acts getting the same royal treatment as South African acts. It is also our hope that the local musicians will be chauffeur driven, we don’t want to see them hustle for ET’s at illegal pick up points after the show.
  4. Above all we also wish our local Bulawayo artiste be paid on time just like the SA stars that will have money deposited to their accounts way before the show.


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