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Spring/Summer ’17 : ombre is the new floral

Trade in your floral fetish for awesome ombre this spring.


In the previous article, Monde Black emphasised on how big the head-wrap/ turban is this spring; and I concur. It’s not just an African thing, it’s a global spring 2017/2018 staple; seen as the center fashion statement at Marc Jacobs 2018 spring collection at the 2017 New York Fashion Week. On this blog, I will talk about another important spring and summer 2017/18 look: the ombre trend.

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Ombre has been slowly budding in the past fashion seasons; but in this 2017/18 spring fashion season it is in full majestic bloom. Of all current trends, it is the most feminine, elegant, look for the season.

Lily Collins on the ombre tend (PIC: ONLINE)
Lily Collins on the ombre tend (PIC: ONLINE)

Let me describe the beauty of the ombre trend in order for you to decide whether it’s your thing or “nah.” Ombre isn’t the neat, planned, behaved fusion of two colors.  As an allusion, ombre is when the life of the party girl and the shy introvert awkwardly bump into each other; scattering the contents of their handbags to the ground.

Then, as they pick their accessories up, they realise that they love the same l’eau de toilette. The rest becomes history and one day one of them is the maid of honour with a crazy story to tell at the other’s wedding. That’s ombre.

It is savage beauty; it is delicately wild. It is like the accidental marrying of one vibrant, and one subtle colour within the same colour palette; like when crimson paint ran into light pink.

The Queen herself, Miss Bonang Matheba is digging ombre, by her favourite designer Gert Coetzee; Kate Beckinsale is rocking the trend, and designer Marchesa emphasised on ombre through his sweet yet strong tea length ombre dresses for his spring 2018 collection this year.

Here is a local take on the ombre trend worn by a stylish Bulawayo fashionista Samue Moreyour.

 Stylish Bulawayo Samue Moreyour dressed on the ombre trend
Stylish Bulawayo Samue Moreyour dressed on the ombre trend