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How to wear the Christmas Red without Looking like Santa this December


How to wear the Christmas Red without Looking like Santa this December
How to wear the Christmas Red without Looking like Santa this December

Ever wondered how to rock red in December without looking cheesy? Monde Black gives us an insight on this year’s trend to answer you and gives us a little jog down the memory lane on trends from Christmases past.

By Monde Black 

2013: Colour Blocking

2013 was a year in which colour blocking was the in thing . Pants with one colour coupled with a top with a totally different colour was the crowd favourite.


Celebs like Rihanna were an inspiration for this look .

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2014: All white

White on white was the order of the day on the last months of the year 2014 . By the time Christmas came , a lot of people where wearing white on white clothing. White tops coupled with white pants and white shoes ,but more popular ,white sneakers .


2015: All black

The exact opposite trended the very next year ,black on black was very popular . ” All black everything ” trended ,with black on black clothing ,shoes and accessories.



After the popular Mafikizolo ft Jah Prayza video was released ,a lot of people started wearing camouflage clothes . Camouflage pants ,jackets , overalls ,caps you name it.


Now let me bring you to 2017, recently a lot of people have been raving about the “Red Rose” . Beginning of the year it all started with simple jeans embedded with Red roses details .

Sooner or later ,we are now noticing more and more clothing with the same kind of detail , there are sneakers with roses, heels ,chokers even tops and dresses .

This Christmas get stylish with Your red rose embellished jeans ,be it a bum short or long skinny jeans , either black or white.

Some people find the jeans a bit too cliché ,they want the roses but not in that particular manner . Well good news is you can wear red rose embellished tops , like the look down below , pair your jeans with simple red sneakers and a white top with a huge red rose detail .

It might actually be cold this Christmas since its raining ,so have a trendy warm back up plan with that sweater , also as you can see down bellow ,rock a denim jacket with those red roses you love or boots with the same particular detail .

Even if its hot ,well with our unpredictable weather , rock a see through top ,with black bottoms . Because of the growth of this trend ,you can rock similar shorts ,with the red rose detail .


And who said these”roses” only have to be on black tops and jeans ,you can rock them on denim dresses ,like this look down bellow . They can also be on white summer dresses  paired with stylish sun hats . They are also on white cute crop tops which can easily be paired with jeans .

Let’s not forget ,”The new girl’s best friend ” ,chockers , get red roses chokers which come in all shapes and stylish sizes.

In conclusion Zimbabweans don’t necessarily follow the “traditional ” Christmas clothes ,we wear what trends .

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