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5 Reasons Why Zim Men Should Get The Sex Doll

Sex Doll hits Twitter by storm...


Social media has been hit by the sex doll craze and as #Zimbos we thought would throw in our 2 cents on why Zim men should get the sex doll.

  1. Easy on the pocket

With the current economic hardships,one has to save money through all possible means. With this handy device, no more spending on hair,nails and expensive dinners. All day everyday “she’s” always looking good without creating any expense to the already ailing monthly budget.

2. No more “I have a headache” Stories 

As the Zimbabwe United Men’s Association (ZUMA) it has been unanimously agreed that the above statement is a reflection of not getting “any” that night.But come in the “new lady”, now you can get it whenever,wherever and however without first tasting the waters of the mood she is in. With the doll you guaranteed that the only silent treatment you will get is when the batteries are dead.

3. You can finally try that X-TRATED Position 

Finally!!! those sex positions that you been shying away from,will be  discreetly explored without fear of being labelled as an adult entertainment actor.

4. Men can finally be selfish 

You know that feeling you always get when you reach the destination before she does? Kick  that to the curb because no one will judge you for it. Now you can do your 100 meter sprint and simply roll over afterwards.

5. It won’t call you trash (#ZimMenAreTrash)

After all the name calling on social media most Zimbabwean men fear being in relationships. The coming of the doll will save you all the drama that comes with the stress of being referred to  as TRASH!!!


It’s not CHEATING.