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5 Things we loved about #FromBulawayoToTheWorld Music Show


Vusa Mkhaya
Vusa Mkhaya

On Saturday we witnessed the second music concert of 2018 which featured globe trotting artistes Vusa Mkhaya and Nkwali. We have not witnessed many well organised shows in recent times but this one stood out as one of the most organised shows we have come across.

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We hope in 2018 we will only get to watch many more mouth watering acts on stage. Both musicians used their international experience & left a mark which will be hard to forget.

Ladies and gentleman here are 5 things we we loved about the show.

1. The music selection

The 2 musicians’ song selection made sure the audience was captivated through out. Oh! boy this was extraordinary and it highlighted to us what we miss when our Bulawayo artistes are away from home moving from one continent to another. With songs such as Vusa Mkhaya’s “Uzakhubeka” and Nkwali’s “Kwanele” amongst a wide selection both the young and the old were able to relate and that was commendable.

Vusa Mkhaya Live #FromBulawayoToTheWorld
Vusa Mkhaya Live #FromBulawayoToTheWorld

2. Show Marketing and Advertising

Unlike most Bulawayo shows, this was advertised well in time and everyone went for the holiday aware of the pending show and budgeted accordingly. The organisers of the show planned for the show perfectly and we need to see such with all of our local shows. We might go the extra mile to suggesting that Vusa and Nkwali consider a workshop with some of our promoters, festival teams and musicians. This will surely help improve our shows and other events from around the city that lack professionalism.

3. The Stage and the lights
We still wish we could have seen the person who was behind the lighting, just to say job well done, because whoever it was definitely knew what they were doing. Lighting was blending well with the stage, the colours of dresses by the 2 musicians and most importantly the mood of the song. The lights operator gave that extraordinary feel to the concert by being able to evoke emotion simply through lighting. Again we say well done to whoever you are.
Vusa Mkhaya
Vusa Mkhaya
4. Interaction with the crowd
There was a lot of dance, sing along and laughter from the crowd. The 2 musicians were able to make the crowd feel appreciated for coming to attend the show. By inviting the audience on stage to come and dance, everyone left in a jovial mood. The show gave us stellar dance moves from audiences who are dance group members of various Bulawayo ensembles, making the dancing look excellent in execution.
Young talent was also showcased in dance but most noticeably through Vusa Mkhaya’s protege nephew. The young man who seemingly can’t be more than 13yrs old sent the entire crowd into a frenzy when he unexpectedly unleashed his talent as drummer. The 2 musicians brought their A game in ensuring the crowd was not bored and cringing to go home. In the end 4 more songs were performed (at the demand of the audience) after the announcement of the end of the show, a reflection of how good the show was.
5. A good number of the appreciating audience
More than 200 people attended the show and the auditorium was impressively filled. Both the young and the old, black and white, men and women were able to attend and get value for their hard earned money despite the January disease. It is a rare sight in Bulawayo to have a paying crowd of that stature.
Therefore we say #FromBulawayoToTheWorld opened up the year in style and we are hoping many other shows events and Festivals follow suit.
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