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Five Minutes With : The Gorgeous Fashionpreneur Georgia Moyo

Confidence, intelligence and sexiness. These words pop up when one spends five minutes at the most in the presence of rising Fashionpreneur Georgia Moyo. You just want to drink out of her bottle in the hopes that you too might end up with her X-factor. It was exciting to engage with the beauty on issues ranging from how to properly wash a padded bra, to running her online store Georgia’s Gorgeous.

Georgia Moyo
Georgia Moyo

Khotso Sibanda (KS): What inspired you to create the Georgia’s Gorgeous?

Georgia Moyo (GM): I studied psychology, which helped me realise a continuous pattern of the lack of confidence in women; especially when it comes to their bodies. I then figured why not do something that boosts women’s confidence levels. And of course, I’ve always wanted to have a business that I am passionate about and the lingerie had me at hello (laughs).


Georgia’s Gorgeous Lingerie
Georgia’s Gorgeous Lingerie


KS: You mention passion. Zimbabwean millennials amidst the poor economy, are passionate about their dreams. However, they don’t know how to generate that passion into paper (money/income). How have you managed to turn your passion into business?

GM:It hasn’t been easy. As you say, the economy hasn’t been kind to us. Passion is good, but hard work and determination do the job. I have managed through the ability to not allow any circumstances make me quit. You have to think of ideas to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. You can only “get paid” when you execute your good idea and make it an ongoing business.

KS: In line with your business, you’re a model on the rise.  What advice would you give to a curvy young woman who also wants to become a model?

GM: Well I would say, keep shining. Love yourself the way you are. Ain’t nothing to change or adjust. You are perfect the way you are, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

KS: Thank you for that priceless advice for women to embrace their uniqueness. What differentiates Georgia’s Gorgeous from other clothing businesses?                                   

GM:It’s the unquestionable quality it offers, its ability to cater for plus-size women and its aim to boost women’s confidence not only with their bodies but also within.

KS: Define style and what it means to you.

GM: Style is putting on anything that represents you and what you believe in. I mean, one ought to wear something that represents their character and personality. Style separates you from everyone. The minute you put on something because someone has it, you have an identity crisis. Style is you.

KS: You have a growing social media following. How important is technology and social media in the fashion business?

GM: Social media has become the best marketing tool for every business. In the fashion world it’s the most essential tool one ought to use; I mean it’s practically free. You can reach out to whomever you want and you get to select the type of clientele you are aiming for without facing physical labour. It’s the best. (laughs)

Georgia’s Gorgeous Lingerie
Georgia’s Gorgeous Lingerie

KS: What are your future goals for your clothing business?

GM:I have so many goals they scare me (laughs). I intend to have a massive clothing line. I want women to brag differently when they put on my label (feisty much). And above all I would like my clothing business to grow into all parts of Zimbabwe, if not the world.

KS:Tips for correctly washing a padded bra without it losing its shape?

GM: Okay fill your sink with lukewarm water and add an alcohol free hand-washing powder. Soak lingerie for up to an hour. Gently rub the fabric together to remove dirt. Rinse in cool water. Lay the garment flat on a towel, lay another towel over the top and press to remove excess water. Always hang to dry.

KS:Colourless rubber bra straps when wearing a halter neck: #Yaaassss or #IssaNo

GM: #IssaNo for me. Why not get the appropriate halter neck bra?

KS:Who do you look up to fashion-wise?

GM: Would it be weird if I said no one specifically? I don’t really follow trends. I wear what brings out my body shape the way I like it. I love fashion so much I prefer creating my own, with a few tips here and there of course.

KS: How does one get a Georgia’s Gorgeous piece?

GM:They can app me on 0775331028 and they can send a message on https://www.facebook.com/nghearts

KS: Thank you very much for taking time in this Q &A, such an honour.

GM :Thank you very much for the feature.


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