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Nhimbe Trust 15 Years On: Ronald Moyo Speaks

Ronald Moyo
Ronald Moyo

Nhimbe Trust recently celebrated 15 years of service to the arts community of Zimbabwe. Urban Culxure’s Sharon Sibanda caught up with Ronald Moyo, Nhimbe’s former communications manager to relive his journey with the trust.

Sharon: Thank you for going down memory lane with us. Can you tell us in brief who Ronald is?

Ronald: I identify as an Arts Development practitioner, but I started off as a journalist after studying with NUST. I joined Nhimbe in 2013 as an information and communications officer and eventually became the communications and evaluation manager.

I decided to refine my expertise in monitoring and evaluation by doing a post graduate degree in the same field with Lupane State University.  Personally, I am a guy who also likes networking and exploring new places, people as well as  cultures.

This has resulted in me being a part of a team that created digital hub platform for artists called Arts Hub Zimbabwe. I was also part of the UNESCO national team which compiled the quadrennial report.

Ronald Moyo
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Sharon: That’s quite the transition! Where would you say your passion lies?

Ronald: My passion is in the arts! Growing up I used to write and I actually won a few competitions in prose and poetry in primary school but I was unaware that my writing was a form of art.

When I joined Nhimbe trust, the exposure to different artists, both established and upcoming made me reconnect with my love of the arts and I found myself attending their shows and supporting the work they were doing through the trust.

Sharon: What were your highlights and achievements both on a personal and organizational level?

Ronald: Setting up the mailing list, the data base and the newsletter, knowing I personally contributed to setting up the structure of the trust. It was also exciting to be part of Nhimbe when we won the NAMA for special recognition to the arts. It was exciting growing with Nhimbe also seeing the vision that Josh Nyapimbi had for Bluez Cafe and working on cultural policy issues and understanding how they worked and how they fed into what affects artists  was commendable.

Sharon Where would you like to see the Nhimbe trust and the local arts in the future?

Ronald: I would like to see the further development of Bluez Cafe and all their programs, again creating more talent for theatre, television and also in terms of arts policy, advocating more for policies, artists rights and freedom of expression I would like to see Nhimbe as THE organization that you can rely on to advocate for the rights of an artist. For the sector as a whole I would like to see the government supporting artists, artists being able to make a living from their craft, having art being appreciated more.

It would be nice to see more cultural organizations supporting artists, especially young and upcoming artists and more collaborations across sectors and countries that would benefit Zimbabwe as a whole.

Sharon: We wish you the best in your future endeavors, hoping we will see more of your work in the industry and thank you for taking time out to have a chat with us.

Ronald: Thank you, it was a pleasure