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One on One With Joyous Celebration’s Magic Hands Ngcobo

It's no kidding folks let's get right into it, we can't keep Mr Magic Hands waiting!!!

Magic Hands Ngcobo
Magic Hands Ngcobo

Happy Happy New Year folks, its 2018 and its a great year ahead, I mean I can literally smell the best in the atmosphere.

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Its my first article this year and come on guys I definitely had to make so special. And guess what its an exclusive interview with Joyous Celebration Co-MD Sphiwe ‘Magic Hands’ Ngcobo.

It’s no kidding folks let’s get right into it, we can’t keep Mr Magic Hands waiting!!!

5star: In brief who is Sphiwe MagicHands Ngcobo?

Sphiwe: Sphiwe Ngcobo is a born again Child of the Most High God,from a township called Kingsway. I was raised by a single parent who was a God-fearing woman and happened to introduce me to music since she was part of the worship team. That’s how everything swinged from there…

5star: wow, so inspiring. I’ll just cut through the chase, how and when did your journey with Joyous Celebration start?

Sphiwe: My journey with Joyous Celebration started 2 years ago,when i got called in by Siyanqoba Mthethwa to come and play the organ, which was previously played by the Legendary, Lungelo Ngcobo. Those were literally big shoes to fill hahaha. Thats pretty much how it happened and little did I know that I would co-produce/MD Joyous Celebration at some point.

5star: I must say those were big shoes to fill but you have definitely lived up to expectations. Filling up Lungelo’s post how did you cope with the pressure and criticism that came along with it?

Sphiwe: I wont even lie and say it was easy. It got me down real bad that at some point I literally felt like giving up. BUT funny enough every time I met with Lungelo he’d always have something positive to say and that would kind of bring back or remind me of my first love for the organ and music as a whole.

That reminder really pushed me to the finish line. I chose to block everything that I didnt need during that learning curve and take with me all the tokens that would bring me to my final destination.

5star: That’s a solid character right there! When it broke out that Siyanqoba is exiting JC what was your first thought? I mean he was the guy who called you in and he was exiting, what came to your mind regarding that news?

Sphiwe: Honestly,that man worked day and night,fulfilling God’s purpose and running his race,and if he felt it was time for him to let go,who are we to argue that? I was genuinely happy for him because he was obviously going to a new chapter of his life; a scary thing to do but at some point it has to be done.

5star: I remember the interview I had with him when he started off as JC MD, you could tell he was a determined individual. Taking over Organs was a big task and being Co-MD we could say is a gigantic task hahaha, take us through this, what got you up there?

Sphiwe: Im Co-MD along side Mnqobi Nxumalo as the MD. Firstly I’m working with people who love and live music and that makes my job easier. Even during rehearsals they would execute every idea i would give them.

They always came prepared, it was honestly a breeze working with them. Secondly,when it comes to the ideas,i give all the credit to God for using me and giving me all the musical ideas,it would all start in my head, and just flow at ease to my fingers. Till this very day i cant account for it,its all God man.

5star: Very true, its by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I’m curious as is everyone out there… Magic Hands how did that name come about?

Sphiwe: Haha the magic question . This name I was given this name by another “magician” called Thando “Magic Keyz” Mathebula. A phenomenal keyboard player and very humble too.

A while back when i was younger, I went to a church he was playing at. Fast forward to the end of the service,after he had heard me play,he entered the room we were seated in and the first thing he cheerfully said was “the kid with magic hands”. That is how I got the name and till this very day he cant remember this hahahaha.

5star: hahaha ‘the kid with magic hands’!!! I like that… Exclusively take us through the current JC 22 band

Sphiwe: The JC band is crazyyyyyyyy!!!! We are always laughing!!!! This whole thing that people see on stage begins way before we even sit behind our instruments. We always have each others backs,we are super tight and most of all we are Family.

The JC band has extremely talented individuals,who are hungry and passionate about what they are doing. Above everything,we are dependent on God,not a single performance starts without us sharing a scripture or two and praying.

5star: Wooow I love the sound of this, I saw a preview of the JC 22 recording I mean that was very impressive. Where do you see JC in the next couple of years?

Sphiwe: Joyous Celebration is the biggest platform for any musician,its a pleasure and an honour serving under this group. I feel like the visionaries would do justice in answering this question,because for any other musician this is a platform to use to put yourself out and mostly to learn while your still in it.

5star: Well said Sphiwe, what can your fans out there expect or look forward from you?

Sphiwe: Well, Im planning to do a lot of things in and out of music this year. (This is the part where I’m going to keep every one in suspense and not go into detail about what i said in the first statement hahaha). Nonetheless, many are the plans in a men’s heart, but only Gods plan will prevail . Lets hope everything works out!

5star: hahaha its always good to create suspense in people I mean it gets them to keep track of you. hahaha… Let’s go off music for now what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sphiwe: Haha well said! I’m currently reading a lot of books and a gym freak . I love watching movies too.

5star: Describe Magic Hands in 3 words!!!

Sphiwe: A New Breed

5star: I love that, thank you Sphiwe, all the best in all your endeavors!!!

Sphiwe: Thank you Mr. Kuda

An exclusive with Sphiwe MagicHands Ngcobo what a way to start the year, be sure to share with your friends and relatives, Urban Culxure Magazine is where they got to be!!! I’m out!!!

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