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The #ShoesDayTuesday Selection – Sandals (A History Lesson)

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Sandal Picture : Pinrest
Sandal Picture : Pinrest

This week ,we are talking Sandals, the open type of footwear we love to wear especially in the warm weather . Sandals date back to the 5th and 6th millenniums, and the word itself is of Greek origin, it directly translates to “wooden shoe”

The oldest known sandals (and the oldest known type of footwear ) were discovered at Fort Rock Cave in the United States, state of Oregon. Radiocarbon dating of the sage bush  bark from which they were woven indicates an age of at least 10 000 years .Sandals can also be traced back to the medieval times , in Egypt ,Spain and even Southern Africa .

Sandals were worn by everyone ,perfect for battle most times .In ancient Greece ,the sandals distinguished people of different walks of life e.g the boot sandal that rose above the middle of the leg was worn principally by tragic actors,horseman,hunters and by men of rank and authority .

In Egypt, sandals were made of palm leaves and papyrus ,and were considered  the ultimate characteristic dressing of a priest . Sandals may have soles made from rubber ,leather ,wood,tatami or rope.

Sandal Picture : Pinrest
Sandal Picture : Pinrest

Nowadays, sandals come in numerous types; flip-flops, gladiators and even heels! A-List designers such as Givenchy  have given sandals a modern twist .Both males and females wear sandals ,and since they have been here for centuries ,one can safely  conclude that these shoes are never going to to go out of style.


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