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5 Things to benefit from the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Rap battle

So you think you can Rap? You think you are the best? Now is your chance to put your money were your mouth is!! Rap Battle it out through the rounds to take the title and cash prize home. Everyone says they are the best so, now is the time to prove it!!


The Bulawayo hip-hop scene will this weekend come alive as battle rappers are set to clash at Club Connect. The DGV Rap Battles have been happening in the city since 2013 and have gave birth to a number of top notch rappers, including popular rapper The Boy Asaph, Benny Jones and more. The battles have also in the past helped market some of the finest hip hop stars from Bulawayo.


Registration to the battle is currently underway and the winners to the battle will walk away with Grapevine Clothing Merchandise, Hip Hop 263 TV show interview (ZTV) and Cash Prize which will be determined by the number of entries. The battle will be hosted by Award Winning hip-hop mogul Naboth Rizla and Rapperholix Lounge host Thorne.

As a build up to Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is; here are  5 things rappers will benefit from the rap battle.

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  1. All competitors will receive media promotion for their brands as part of the build-up of the Rap Battle event. Meaning you will get free publicity on platforms you probably would never have managed to be on.
  2. The event will be filmed for further exposure and airing on different platforms. Meaning you might find yourself coming out on TV.
  3. Depending on the amount of people who register the prize money minimum take home is $50. Meaning the more people that register the bigger the prize money.
  4. You get to represent your School, your Hood or your City on a well-respected platform. Meaning more people from wherever you represent will take notice of you more after this event.
  5. Just being part of such an event proves you are not scared to go toe to toe with anyone in Zimbabwe. Bottom line is you believe in yourself enough to want to put money on it. That’s a bold move everyone will notice. You know what they say… Talk Is Cheap lol

PLEASE NOTE : Registration is currently in progress registration Fee is $5 and the deadline is Tuesday 20 February 2018.