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Five Minutes with DJ Gouveia



This week, Urban Culxure writer Fivestar is in the city of Gaborone in Botswana with one of Southern Africa’s top DJ. DJ Gouveia who is a radio presenter ,music producer, entrepreneur, poet and actor who describes himself as someone who is great at “Rocking the airwaves.


Fivestar: In short who is Dj Gouveia?

Dj Gouveia: Dj Gouveia is a hardworking dreamer, a humble guy who believes in peace and in helping others. The rest you have to spend time with me and figure out yourself. I’m just that guy who gets turned on by raw TALENT!

Dj Gouveia
Dj Gouveia

Fivestar: How did your career come to be?

Dj Gouveia: It’s a very long story to tell  haha, but it has not always been a rosy. Passion, patience and determination. Entertainment has always been a major part of me. I was born into a very musical family, I started deejaying in 2001 in Francistown under the mentorship of Dj Bunz and Smarh Matlakala.

In 2005 I started production while in Cape Town South Africa. My productions are mostly self taught  and the acting part I was born with it, I’ve been doing acting and poetry from as early as the age of 7.

Fivestar: In a competitive industry like this, how has been the support from the general public as far as your career is concerned?

Dj Gouveia: I must say big up to those who have and still believe in me. It’s a very competitive industry and there is a lot of negative energy in the industry.

Fivestar: Besides being a top Dj and host of one of biggest radio shows on RB2, you are also a producer and musician, how has it been balancing your time for all these commitments?

Dj Gouveia: It’s not easy at all and I have a family that needs me around as well , the secret is to stay practical  and plan ahead.

Fivestar: Which one of your musical projects do you consider the most successful in your career?

Dj Gouveia: Ambuye is a huuuuge song! That’s the best craft so far. Three years later and still the song gets people craaaaazy!

Fivestar: Which top musical acts have you worked with and shared the stage with so far?

Dj Gouveia: Shaggy (U.S.A), Brandy (U.S.A), Mbuso and Euphonik…from the top of my head.

Fivestar:When the news broke about your marriage it was received by many with gladness, how has it been being a family man and a musician at the same time?

Dj Gouveia: Its been great! I just need to stay focused.

Fivestar: Botswana has a crop of fine musicians, in your own opinion who is the best local act to this day?

Dj Gouveia: SCAR! very naturally  talented.

Fivestar: Other than music and the other ventures you stated, what do you like to do?

Dj Gouveia: Sleep

Fivestar: What are your words of encouragement aspiring DJs and musicians?

Dj Gouveia: School comes first! Know what you want to do. Be a trendsetter not a follower!

Fivestar: How can your  fans get in touch with you?

Dj Gouveia: Facebook page: Dj Gouveia BW. Twitter:@DjGouveiaBW . Instagram: Dj Gouveia BW