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Re-Cap of Mgcini Nyoni’s #TwitterView

Mgcini Nyoni's #TwitterView
Mgcini Nyoni's #TwitterView
For those who missed the  #CulxureZw TwitterView we held last night with award winning photographer, Mgcini Nyoni, worry no more, we have all the questions as well as Nyoni’s responses ready for you.
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Q: Who is Mgcini Nyoni?
A: Mgcini Nyoni is a creative. An out of the box creative.
Q: Explain further about the out of the box creative
A: I believe there is no formula for coming up with works of art: You are your first audience – create what you would love to watch or consume and the passion you will throw at that will result in amazing work.
Q: How did your passion for photography come about?
A: I am passionate about art in general; photography has been more visible because it’s easier to create and share. If I were to choose one art form to do, I probably wouldn’t choose photography.
Q: What has kept you in the industry for so long? Do you have aspirations of moving to Hollywood or SA?
A: I don’t want to move to Holly hood or SA: Their art is too commercial. I am a purist when it comes to the creation of art. I would rather have an audience of ten people watching a pure work of art than thousands consuming bubblegum art.
Q: How do you protect your work from Copyright from infringement?
A: I don’t! In a society that doesn’t respect creative rights, it’s not really worth the effort. Creating the artwork should normally be enough protection. A newspaper once cropped out my logo and used the image without acknowledgment.
Q: What separates a photographer from anyone else with a camera?
A: A photographer creates works of art and a guy carrying a camera just presses the shutter button. An image is supposed to be a complete story and one needs to create a concept and direct the subject or capture the subject at the right natural moment.
Q: You are one of the people who are vocal about Bulawayo arts.Tell us more about the arts landscape.
A: I speak my mind because I believe we can be exceptional, but we don’t push ourselves hard enough. We settle for the ordinary too many times. I think that’s our main problem as artists; we are comfortable with the ordinary.
Q: Controversial topics haven’t played far from you looking at the#BAAZw ,#ThathaWena and politics, how have you found yourself in those?
A: It’s unfortunate that speaking the truth is considered being controversial. In a society that is generally devoid of truth, the few who speak out are labelled controversial. We should learn to tell our ‘friends’ the truth. We should also know that politicians are not our friends.
Q: You have been directing for the past 10 years any awards or recognition to that?
A: A Theatre award is one award I would really love to have in my collection. I will get plenty of those in my lifetime.
Q: Who manages your craft?
A: It’s very chaotic at the moment: My passion creates the illusion of order.
Public Question : How do you balance being a purist and getting paid, do you have other
revenue streams outside of your art?
A: I earn very little from art and that keeps me going: Purists only get rich if someone takes over the marketing side of their art. And I am hoping to partner someone who can dilute my purist approach to art.
Public Question: Some always ask is MgciniNyoni a jack of all creative trades? And does he think he’s equally good at all the creative arenas he explores?
A: No one is a jack of all trades. If there were more opportunities for theatre, I wouldn’t be doing half the things I do. I believe in giving the best when one decides to do something; I guess that’s why I excelled in photography in two short years – I give it my all.
Public Question: Top 3 photographers excluding yourself?
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