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Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie: Stuffed Roast Butternut

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Hey guys, welcome to the Urban Food Diary. This week we have more simple meals you can try and some out of the box ideas for your kitchen.

On the menu this week:
Brekkie: A deconstructed omelette
Lunch: stuffed roast butternut
Side Dish: Salad Caprese

Brekkie: Deconstructed omelette
The essence of this is not combining the  components of your omelette but cooking them separately. Use an out of the box approach so for this you can go with your preferred omelette fillings, whatever you have available.

You may need:
-Diced peppers
-Basil leaves
-Whole rings of peppers

Sauté your diced peppers and set aside
Sauté your mushrooms and set aside
Use your whole pepper rings as an egg ring and fry your eggs

Plate your omelette as you’d like keeping your plate clean and simple

Lunch: Roast stuffed butternut
You will need:
-Butternut Squash
-Beef Strips
-Mix of veggies
-Brown rice
-Brocolli and/ or Cauliflower
-Toasted cashew nuts
-Cob of mealies

-First roast the butternut with some nutmeg and a bit of maple syrup until it’s soft…add cinnamon

In the butternut squash is beef strips mixed with stir fry (any mix of seasonal vegetables), toasted cashew nuts
-Add lentils and some brown rice
-Steam broccoli and cauliflower with  mealies and add olive oil salt and pepper

Pay special attention to plating and presenting  this well.

*Chefs Tip* This is a great recipe for healthy eaters

Salad/Side Dish: Salad Caprese
You will need:
-Cucumber ribbons (use a sharp peeler to make these)
-Sliced aubergine
-Pomegrenate rubies
-Basil pesto
-Cherry tomatoes
-Basil leaves
*Optional mozzarella cheese

-Grill the aubergine having seasoned it with salt and pepper
-Slice your cherry tomatoes
-Make a vinaigrette with equal parts of lemon juice and oil and add mixed herbs, salt and pepper
-Assemble the salad as you’d like and drizzle your vinaigrette over it

Bon Appetit!!