“Once I find my passion I'm committed to that and fully give myself to that.”

    Agnes Ncube Photo by Mgcini Nyoni
    Agnes Ncube Photo by Mgcini Nyoni

    Inspired by watching Zambezi (SIYAYA) and being art of Isiphiwo Sami, an IYASA talent search initiative, Agnes has never looked back. She says it seemed like magic to her and she really did not know that there was a world of drama outside school premises (Nketa High School). As much as she says her acting dates back to pre-school, 2010 was indeed a turning point for her. Let’s get to know and understand her views about life and what she loves the most.

    Who is Agnes?

    Bonakele Agnes Ncube is my name; I guess some know me as Aggie. I’m just a girl who is madly in love with what she does and I would give anything to enjoy a moment on stage anytime. I’m a movie/series addict. If given the chance I believe I wouldn’t sleep watching TV. I love making new friends and learning new things, I recently learned how to play pool and I love it.

    Photo by CnC Productions

    What’s your take on being an actress?

    I’m an upcoming artist  and it requires commitment and hardwork. It’s like the first struggle through a social site but once you find your ground it’s quite the amazing thing. In this day and age being a female artist has become better from my view but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Not everyone out there believes women are quite as good artists as men and the stereotypical female artist is mostly thought to climb the ladder through “favours” from some male artists. Although I’ve never experienced it I sometimes feel it when I tell a person that I am an actress.

    Tell us about your religion how it conflicts with your career path?

    I am a Christian and I actually have a lot of support from my church peers and elders but it’s not everyone who believes in it. When you say I am an artist to a Christian they automatically think ancestors and  traditional dance and the likes. I have no problem with being associated with such because firstly it is a form of art and secondly everyone understands life and the things in it in their own way but with some insight some understand while others pretend to understand which is why I like inviting them so that they understand what I do.

    Photo by Mgcini Nyoni

    Which are some of the productions you have worked on and which one do you feel was your best?

    Since high school I have been in quite a number of productions and the most dominant being the Live Literature Project. Others involve a cultural exchange with a few girls from the UK and Blood Tongue the musical which both took place in 2017. I can’t say I have a favourite because all the productions just give me the joy from different levels and also give me different levels of understanding of life and theatre and of course personal growth as an artist.

    The Unified Women cultural exchange was a mix of two different nationalities where each person had their own personal view of life and sharing those few we found out our strengths, weaknesses and similarities as women in the arts all over the world. Then Blood Tongue the musical was my first ever musical which was probably the hardest thing I’ve done that I can remember but it also showed me a different side of theatre where you do not only deliver dialogue but you also sing it.

    The  Live literature Project is the one place where I have grown with every rehearsal and every show.

    Agnes on stage

    What are some of your biggest dreams?

    I dream of having my class where I can groom kids from a tender age to know about the fun of theatre and that they must love Sunday school because it’s where you discover a lot of things about life that you might only understand when older.

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