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Who To Bring To The PPC Marathon


PPC Matopos 33 Miler #RunYourRace
PPC Matopos 33 Miler #RunYourRace

In case you were wondering who to bring to the PPC Marathon we at Urban Culxure have decided to make things easier for you. We have come up with a list of 5 groups of people you could invite to come and experience the 33miler with you.

Who To Bring To The PPC Marathon
Who To Bring To The PPC Marathon

Your Family
The ethos of a family is to ensure that each member is in good health and what better way to ensure this than bringing granny to do the 5km fun run. You know what they say; a healthy and active family is a happy family.

Your Workmates
This is a great way of executing a team building exercise. The more miles you spend with your collegues at the PPC marathon, the more enjoyable the office journey will become. The marathon is a good way of increasing team morale in and out of the office.

Your Potential better half
If she/he can endure 53kms with you then she/he can endure the rest of her/his life with you….. As a matter of fact, this is a good first date after that…. MARRY HER/HIM.

Your Friends
Rather than encouraging each other to go clubbing, here is a fun and robust way of spending the weekend with your friends. If you do this for them, they will hate you for a day, but trust us, they will thank you for years to come.

Your Gym/Fitness Training buddies
This is the time to prove that the work you and your training mates have been putting in since the beginning of the year is paying off. Exercising is all about pushing yourself to the limit and this the best way of doing so.

We hope you heed our advice and bring atleast one or two people with you. A fun run is fun only when you have good company to run with

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