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#CulxureTravel 4 Attractions To Visit In Bulawayo


The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair will roar to life in Bulawayo next week, during  the trade showcase the city will host a number of high profile dignitaries from different cities and countries. Some will be in Bulawayo for the first time while some are now used to be among the kings and queens.

As we welcome you to the royal capital we have decided to do a list of 4 attractions that we would love you to visit when you jet in, just take a day out of your busy schedules and look at the beauty of Zimbabwe’s second biggest city.

  1. Visit Makokoba

Described as Zimbabwe’s oasis of culture, Makokoba is the oldest residential area in Bulawayo. Makokoba was named after one Mr Fallon, the native commissioner, who reportedly used to walk around the city with the aid of a walking stick. The name comes from the word ukukhokhoba, which in IsiNdebele language means “bending and walking with a stick”.

The township is renowed for producing great personalities like the Ndlovu brothers, Adam, Peter and Madinda, Dorothy Masuka and the Cool Crooners. As you wrap up your visit to this great township, you can also pass by Amakhosi Cultural Centre which is  within the township. The popular theatre house was founded by Cont Mhlanga in 80’s.

2. The Natural History and Museum

There is nothing boring about this museum. The museum is filled with intriguing wonders of different shapes and sizes. The world’s second largest taxidermy display , a mighty elephant can be found here. Also on display are African animals in scenes depicting their natural habitats. The museum is located on Leopold Takawira Ave/Park Road next to Centenary Park.

3. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Museum

A monument at Number 17 Aberdeen Road in Matsheumhlophe Bulawayo. The monument is the house of the late Vice President of Zimbabwe and nationalist Joshua Nkomo. The house was convereted into a museum by Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo National Foundation (JMNNF). It was completed in 2007 and opened to the public in 2012.

The rooms inside are decorated portraits, newspaper cuttings, photographs, clothes, tools, kitchen utensils including all the movable property that the late Nkomo and his wife, the late Johanna Nkomo used.

There’s also a love letter that Joshua Nkomo wrote to Johanna on February 2, 1977, expressing his love for her.

4. Amagugu International Heritage Centre

Amagugu International Heritage Centre (AIHC) is a community oriented cultural centre in Matobo District of Zimbabwe.AIHC was established in 2010 out of the vision of Pathisa Nyathi.

AIHC provides a venue and organises a variety of cultural, educational and recreational programmes for the public to learn and appreciate different facets of indigenous heritage, history and cultural context.

In case you want to enrich yourself with all things culture this is a place to be.