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From New York To Makokoba : US Brass Band To Perform In Bulawayo

Happening 5-7 May 2018 #StreetMarches #FreeConcerts in Makokoba and the CBD #FreeWorkshops for Musicians

Slavic Soul Party
Slavic Soul Party

New York based brass band Slavic Soul Party will be in Bulawayo from 5-7 May 2018. The band is scheduled for two street parades in the city and will conduct a brass workshop with musicians at the National Art Gallery on the 6th of May.

The band is also set to perform at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) for the second time after a powerful 2011 experience were the band visited a Harare prison where they entertained over 1,000 inmates and prison service officials.

The Slavic Soul Party Bulawayo shows are presented by the United States Embassy Harare and will perform alongside The Salvation Army band,Spoken Word Church band and the popular Zimbabwe National Army brass band. The parades will be held in Makokoba and in the City Center.

Slavic Soul Party is a New York brass band that takes inspiration from Balkan and gypsy music, but also funk and New Orleans traditions. Its members play with punk-rock energy and have won fans all across the globe.

The band’s Tuesday night residency in Brooklyn has become a destination for music fans from around the world, and is famous for “delivering a great time.

In over a decade of touring North America, Europe, and beyond, Slavic Soul Party has performed everywhere from Serbian schoolyards to prison courtyards, Turkish palaces to Russian baths, dive bars to Carnegie Hall, from Amsterdam to Zacatecas and Austria to Zimbabwe.

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