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Meet Langa Govuzela


This week Urban Culxure takes a visit to Vereeniging, south side of Johannesburg to talk to sensational upcoming R’n’B and pop artist Langa Govuzela.

Lets jump right in!

5star: In short who is Langa?

Langa: Langa is a guy who loves expressing life through music.

5star: How and when did your music career start?

Langa: It started at an early age, my parents grew up in the church and they were musically involved so it really runs in the family.

5star: That is awesome, what genre does your music fall into?

Langa: Pop and R’n’B

5star: How many tracks have you recorded to date?

Langa: I have  done 7 tracks. I worked with Xoly Devine, Mosta Kidd and Trap Queen. I have four solo tracks. I have also worked with artistes like  Lawrie_K, MeekieLia, Corner Stone and Jaysteez on their tracks.  I used to be in a live band called Venom Eclipse.

5star:  How do you feel  South Africans are accepting your music?

Langa: The response from ekasi, where I live is very good, the people says its relate-able. I am trying to get on radio now.

5star: The music industry is quite competitive how have you been able to keep up with all the competition?

Langa: Meeting the right people makes me push more and I  learn a lot from them. I also try to make sure my music stays unique. Life without competition wouldn’t be fun at all.

5star: Life without competition wont be fun at all!!! Very profound words. Which artist inspires you to make good music?

Langa: Zwayi Bala, Zama Jobe and Zola7 in South Africa, Internationally, it would have to be Alicia Keys and Usher.

5star: What challenges have you faced during your stint in the music industry ?

Langa: Challenges! Before I started my own music production, I used to record my songs with other studios, I had to pay for every song I made. I was sabotaged many times. When it was time to get my song I would get a lot of excuses. Getting gigs that don’t pay is another challenge.

5star: Which artist would you love to do a collaboration with?

Langa: Zonke, I love her voice!


5star: What are your words of encouragement to upcoming artists out there?

Langa: Keep doing what you love for love, don’t chase money let it come to you.

5star: True, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as far as your career is concerned?

Langa: 5 years from now I will make sure the dream I have lives with those who love music.

5star: thank you Langa for your time and we wish you all the best in your musical journey.

There you have it folks, thank you Vereeniging!!!

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