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Urban Food Diary with Chef Zinzie: A Traditional Feast


Hie Beautiful people, welcome back to the Urban Food Diary, your weekly dose of kitchen fun and madness. So this week we are going back to our roots and our recipes will be based on Ihlobo “fruits of the harvest” and other traditional meals.
As much as I feel food is a universal language, our family recipes need to be passed down from generation to generation, they hold a big part of who we are. Traditional food particularly is usually very healthy and nutritious so these are cultural treasures we need to protect.

On our menu:
Anytime snack: Grilled sweet corn with green beans in herb butter

Teatime treat: Ithanga lamakhomane

Dinner: Samp and Amangqina & Umcaba

Anytime Snack :Grilled  sweet corn
-Peel and grill the corn on soft coals until it’s soft and palatable
-Blanch and refresh the green beans
-Add mixed herbs, garlic, salt and pepper to butter and melt
-Pour this over your beans and sweet corn

Tea Time Treat: Ithanga lamakhomane
The mystery of how our mothers and grandmothers manage to pack so much flavor into a simple dish that is only boiled is still mystery. The secret I suppose is in seasoning well when you need to and watching your pots so the veggies do not burn.

Simply boil, with just the right amount of water, too much water will give you a tasteless mash, use less water to retain the natural taste of both Ithanga and amakhomane

You can serve them with cream, or have amakhomane with amasi

Dinner: Samp, Amangqina and Umcaba

This is also a case of seasoning perfectly and boiling until they are soft, and the natural sauce is thick

Soak for 2 hours or more
Boil in salted water
Add butter

Boil your sorghum until it’s soft
Use a pestle and mortar to slightly crush the grains
Mix with amasi

*I still don’t know whether Umcaba is classified as a cereal or a dessert, but it’s simply delicious

Bon Appetit!