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VIDEO: Zimbabwean Musician Releases Erotic Music Video

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If you thought Ammara Brown’s Akiliz music video was pornographic then you need to think otherwise. They is a new queen in town who just took things to another level.

Netherlands based singer Vimbai Zimuto has decided to turn up the heat with her latest music video Hapana Kwaunoenda.Zimbabweans have had mixed emotions over the video, with many saying she took it too far while others feel she is super creative as she has bought something new that many have not dared to do.

The song  is about enticing a man, keeping him on lock down so he doesn’t stray features Vimbai in a skimpy lingerie which leaves little to the imagination and a lace mask. The video was shot by Simba Gee and oh!!! boy we wonder how you felt when shooting the video.

The video will have many men going on YouTube everyday to get a glimpse of the HOT Vimbai. As the song ends Vimbai makes sexual moans.

Peep the video below!